Useful and therapeutic properties of beetroot juice

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Vegetable Juices

women it is especially useful if it is to drink at least 0.5 liters per day (mixed with carrot juice).

alone beet juice can cause a cleansing reaction, namely in the use of a wine glass at a time: a slight dizziness or nausea.Experience has shown that the first time it is better to drink a mixture dominated carrot juice and then gradually increase the amount of beet juice, the body is better will take its cleaning efficiency.Usually fairly 1 to 1.5 cups beet juice 2 times a day.During

menstrual disorders beet juice is very useful, especially if during this period, small portions juice drink, not more than one of the wine glasses (50-100 ml) twice or three times a day.

During menopause, such a procedure gives a much more permanent effect than the degenerating effect of drugs of synthetic hormones.

most positive feature is that found in beet more than 50% of sodium and only 5% calcium.This ratio is valuable to maintain the solubility of calcium, when due to consumption of food cooked in the body of

an inorganic calcium accumulated in the blood vessels, such as veins, or their hardening or thickening of the blood, causing high blood pressure and other cardiac abnormalities.

calcium content in red beet provides a common supply for all physiological functions of the body, and the chlorine content is an excellent organic liver cleansing agent, kidney and gall bladder, stimulating activity and lymph throughout the body.

mixture of carrot and beet juice is the best natural builder of blood cells, especially red blood cells.

It stimulates the formation of red blood cells, improves memory, especially in atherosclerosis, dilates blood vessels.With hypertension is one of the best natural remedies.It is indispensable for anemia, improves mood.It strengthens the nervous system in neurosis and insomnia.Juice

best left for several hours in the refrigerator, remove the foam and use a mixture with carrot in the ratio 1: 4.Hungarian scientists believe that to improve the condition of patients with malignant tumors can just fresh juice.They advise his drink of 100 ml per day.The juice can be obtained both from the roots, and from the young foliage.