Useful and therapeutic properties of the hot-water bottles

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Medical Treatments At Home

widely used rubber and electric heaters.The most convenient electric heater.It is a long time gives uniform heat thanks to a special temperature control (rheostat).Regulator is at the junction of an electrical cord with the cushion.High temperature heating heaters should be used for a short time for the initial heating of tissues.In the following set supports a lower temperature heaters for prolonged use.It is dangerous to leave a heating pad while it is running without supervision, as well as to use it in a dream (the appearance of burns and fire).

Rubber is a rubber heater tank with a capacity of 1-1.5 liters with well screw cap.Heating pad should pour 3/4 of hot water, so she did not press the patient with their weight, and then let the air out by pressing, screw the cork stopper to overturn a heating pad down to check for leaks, wipe dry it, wrap in a towel and put the patient.It is necessary to determine the degree of heating and check for warmer skin.To prevent excessive redness of the skin is nec

essary to adjust the number of layers of towels, wrapped in which warmer and warmer by the skin itself can be lubricated with petroleum jelly or any fat.Heating pad to keep up to cool down.

weak and seriously ill patients are not always quick to react to thermal stimulation, so they have a heating pad can cause burns.Caution should be exercised with respect to the patients who are unconscious and lost skin sensitivity.

must know that the use of local heat is contraindicated in cases of suspected acute appendicitis, perforated ulcer or ulcer bleeding, ovarian cysts and other conditions, which are major manifestations of acute abdominal pain, accompanied by a deterioration of general health.These conditions, combined in the concept of "acute" abdomen, require emergency physician examination (emergency call), which will determine the tactics of examination and treatment.