Mustard plaster

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Medical Treatments At Home

Mustard applied to different parts of the body: the occipital region with the strong rush of blood to the head (for example, in patients suffering from high blood pressure), the chest with lung disease (eg bronchitis, pneumonia), lower back (atradiculitis), and so on. n. irritation essential mustard oil, causing a rush of blood to the appropriate skin site, reflex vasodilatation deeply lying tissues and internal organs, as well as the analgesic effect.

most often used mustard plasters ready to buy at the pharmacy.Before the use of mustard plaster it is necessary to moisten and warm water, and then applied to the skin.Wetted yellow card in hot water should not be, because in this case, the mustard will lose their properties.Babies and increased skin sensitivity in adults between the yellow card and the skin can be put 1-2 layers of soft fabric or paper.A sign of good-quality mustard plaster is that mustard weight well kept dry.Gorchichnik odorless, which appears only after wetting.

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stard, made at home.For the preparation of mustard plasters take several spoons (4-5), mustard flour, mix it with 2-3 spoons of warm water (not hot, as hot water from evaporating oily substance mustard essential to have medicinal properties) and carefully triturated.Kneaded mass spread on a piece of cloth on top and also cover the canvas.

angles of these pieces of cloth carefully tuck.Then the yellow card applied to the specified place of a doctor.Gorchichnik held from 5 to 15 minutes (depending on the doctor's prescription).

As the reddening of the skin the patient in pain (burning sensation), and in some cases, the redness and pain occur very quickly, within 2-3 min, the other 10-15 minutes.Care should be taken so that the yellow card did not cause blistering.After removing the mustard, wipe the skin with warm water or cologne and wipe dry.On irritated skin or areas where there is a skin disease, put yellow card is prohibited.

scheme setting mustard plasters on his back.

Dissolve 50 g of mustard powder in 10 liters of water.

Take a bath with mustard water, after it oblitsya a bucket of warm water temperature of 34-35 ° C, bundle up with a blanket and go to sleep.