The preparation of dietary dishes from cutlet weight

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet Therapy

As has been mentioned, the dietary goals are most responsible cutlets, chops, steaks, zrazy, meatballs and rolls, steamed, t. E. When the product is cooked on the grill pan steam.If a particularly strict diet requires as much as possible to remove from cutlet weight nitrogenous extractives and purine bases, the products of this mass it is advisable to boil in boiling water.

In this connection we recall by boiling until cooked piece of meat weighing 100 g in the broth is approximately 63% of the nitrogen-containing extractables, by boiling unalloyed (without food) patties - about 50, from cakes and bread - 40, and whenreplacing bread boiled rice - no more than 30% of nitrogen-containing extractives.Approximately 70% of these compounds remain in the cutlet with bread, steamed.In diseases of the heart, blood vessels and kidneys such cutlets better not to get involved.A piece of boiled beef, compared with steam cutlets food is dietary.

pretty common dish of cutlet mass is also steam roll. For this cutlet mass even layer thickness of 1.5 cm is spread on two-layer gauze soaked with water.In the middle and even layer stack or boiled rice with herbs or boiled egg and finely chopped or minced another.Then, with one hand lifting gauze coated minced - stuffing so that the edge layer cutlet mass connected with each other.After that, roll the seam remains

down to roll with the gauze on the grill pan and steam cook for a couple.You can cook for a couple of roll, leaving him in gauze.

Dietary meatballs - are small balls of 10-12 pc.per serving, prepare them for a couple, or just boil in a saucepan, drooping in a boiling water or boil in a saucepan, warm water of the Gulf.

To prepare the meat portions quenelle taken (in grams): beef - 100, -30 milk, butter and vegetable oil -5 -3, wheat flour - 3-5.On portion of meat cutlets steam on diet number 1, 5a, 5, 15, taken (in grams): -100 beef, wheat bread - 15, of butter - 5, vegetable oil - 3, Water - 15. For the same portionsteam cutlets, but on a diet of bread instead of the number 4 is taken 8-10 grams of boiled rice.

To prepare the meat portion of steam cutlets, baked with milk sauce, it is necessary to take (in grams): beef - 100, wheat bread - 15, milk - 50, wheat flour - 3, Water - 15. Bake cutlets follows: Cooked onspread a couple of chops to the skillet, soaked with water, prepare the white sauce, pour it chops and bake them in the oven.And this is - the recipe meat steam rolls stuffed with rice, greens.Taken (in grams): beef - 100, butter, rice and greens - at 10, the plant is small - 3-5, wheat bread - 15 eggs - 1 / 6-1 / 4 pieces, water - 15 - all of it.per serving.

cutlet weight of the fish is prepared in the same way as meat.If the fish is large, then, before making mincemeat out of it, it is necessary to remove the bones and skin.To prepare a portion of steam meatballs of fish (excluding diabetics) is taken (in grams) of fish - from 150 to 170, wheat bread - 15 milk - butter and 20 - 10.

dietary number 9 and 9a whenfor a particular period must be substantially limit the amount of carbohydrates in the diet, burgers, including steam, cook without bread.To cutlet mass is not falling apart, was added to the 1/6 to 1/4 of the raw egg.