Useful and therapeutic properties of inhalation

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Medical Treatments At Home

There are natural and artificial inhalation.The first concerns the inhalation of thin air in the mountains, the air, saturated with moisture and salt on the seashore, balsamic vapor and ozone in the coniferous forests, hydrogen sulfide or carbon dioxide from the off gas sources and others. This type of treatment is widely used in sanatorium conditions duringstay of patients in climatic zones, most shown to restore their health.

artificial inhalation for therapeutic use special substances which are in the form of steam, gas, smoke, dust dry, wet or oil mist is mixed with air, oxygen.For these purposes, the treatment of patients at home should be carried out using special inhalers for individual use, design features which allow you to steam, heat and damp medicinal oil inhalation.These medical devices are easy to use, safe, effective.

lack of home appliances necessary for inhalation does not exclude the possibility of certain types of medicinal inhalation.These primarily include the steam and heat and da

mp inhalations.An effective means of enjoying in folk medicine since ancient times, is the inhalation of hot steam boiled potatoes.It is carried out as follows.Immediately after the completion of cooking potato water is drained, open the lid of the pan, and the patient, leaning over the hot potatoes, inhales its pairs.For greater therapeutic effect should be the patient's head with a pan cover with a large towel or blanket, thus creating a closed space where the patient as much as possible in contact with moist warm steam.We must ensure that during the entire treatment procedure takes 15-20 minutes, the patient is not burned by hot steam, leaning too far over the pot.To achieve the desired therapeutic effect in the steam and heat moist inhalation in patients with acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, chronic pneumonia, and other inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system can be heated using steam herbal decoctions.To do this, on the recommendation of a physician brewed certain herbs or collection, for example, linden blossom, nettle leaves, eucalyptus, sage, or a mother and stepmother, and breathe in hot steam method concoctions of herbs described above.

patients with attacks of coughing and expectoration hard discharged steam inhalation besides herbs broth can give good effect inhalation of hot steam from water dissolved therein baking soda (1 hr. L. 3 liters of water). Soda inhalation thin the mucus in the lumen of the bronchi, and facilitates its expectoration expectoration.Do not forget a sufficiently high therapeutic action of steam infusions green part of coniferous trees (spruce, larch, pine and others.), which, thanks to its high content have a detrimental effect on the respiratory tract pathogens in these volatile production and other extractive

substances have anti-inflammatory effects, increase the protective ability of the respiratory system, saturating them with vitamins tissue.

inhalation requires a number of conditions.

1. Inhalation be held no earlier than 1.5 hours after a meal or physical stress.

2. During inhalation, the patient should be in a calm state, not experience fear or dislike of this treatment, not to be distracted by talking.Clothes should not hamper the neck, and hinder breathing.

3. After inhalation need to rest lying down for 30-40 minutes.Immediately after the inhalation should not sing, talk, smoke, eat within an hour.

4. When the nose diseases, sinus inhaling and exhaling through the nose should be made without straining.In diseases of the pharynx, larynx, trachea, large bronchi after inhaling the breath necessary to make the delay of about 2 seconds, and then make the maximum exhalation.

5. Exhale better to make the nose, especially in patients with diseases of the sinuses around-because at the time of release of the air contained therein therapeutic substance by virtue of the negative pressure in the nose gets into the sinuses.

should know that contraindications for inhalation are common and severe emphysema, pulmonary heart and cardio-pulmonary insufficiency III (severe) degree, condition after suffering a massive pulmonary hemorrhage, Meniere's disease with frequent attacks, PB-III hypertension stages, idiosyncrasy inhalation.In each case, the need for inhalation at home, its form and method of implementation requires consultation with a physician.