Measuring body temperature

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Medical Treatments At Home

body temperature is measured by sensors.Industries recently releasing mercury-glass thermometers for measuring body temperature in the armpit, and also in the mouth or rectum.Thermometers should be stored in a special cardboard or plastic packaging (cases) in places, precluding the possibility of damage.From broken thermometers follows mercury vapor which is a strong poison.

Therefore, in case of damage of mercury thermometers their fragments and drops spilled mercury should be carefully collected, placed in a jar with a tight fitting lid and handed over to the nearest pharmacy for recycling or disposal.In no case can not throw collected from broken mercury thermometer in the trash, because its vapors are a great danger to the surrounding people and animals.

thermometer to be treated with a solution of 40-70-degree alcohol (strength of not less than vodka) or 0.5% solution of chlorine bleach and wipe dry before measuring body temperature.The thermometer should be shaken a sharp movement, but carefully

so as not to break.Use a thermometer can only be after the mercury dropped to zero.Often the mercury thermometer is as if torn air bubbles.Use a thermometer to be not in these cases, since the unit will produce distortions in body temperature.We must try to intense and sharp movements shake the thermometer.With the ineffectiveness of attempts to fix the integrity of the mercury column indicated by the thermometer must be replaced.In no event should not omit the thermometer in hot water or other thermal method to try to fix its technical condition.It threatens to break the thermometer mercury overheating and spreading in the last room.The body temperature is measured, usually in the armpit from either side.In young children or debilitated patients body temperature measurement can be made in the inguinal folds.Before this diagnostic procedure, the skin at the site of temperature measurement should be wiped dry: sweat reduces the thermometer.In severe and unconscious patients with a body temperature measurement should be carried out in the rectum, at least - in the mouth.In these cases, it must be remembered that the temperature in the rectum is usually higher than the thermometer in the armpit or groin crease in the rate of 1 ° C, t. E. Its normal values ​​from 37.0 to 37.9 ° C.

Keep the thermometer in the armpit and elsewhere should not be less than 10 minutes.After each measurement, the body temperature of its performance shall be recorded on the sheet temperature of the patient, where the date and time of the temperature measurement, the thermometer.A sheet of paper to record the temperature should razgrafit follows

As a rule, the body temperature is measured at least 3 times a day: before breakfast, lunch and dinner.Sometimes stubborn body temperature fluctuations to determine its cause, clarify the nature of lifting and lowering, as well as temporary features Hyperthermia thermometry spend on doctor's advice after 2-3 hours, and in some cases every hour.

After measuring the body temperature thermometer should be re-process the alcohol solution or chlorine bleach, shake and put it in a case where it should be stored until the next use.