Treating an insect sting folk remedies and methods

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Tips In Case Of Force Majeure

from bites to help the following means: the juice of garlic soaked in a cloth or cotton wool to apply to the bitten place - garlic quickly relieves pain and prevents swelling, helps the urine, which also wet rag.You can put the wet ground, but it acts weaker.All these funds stings of bees, wasps and hornets.But above all, you need to pull a thorn from the wound left by them, and only then treated.You can try and such means: Applying a cloth soaked in better blue, parsley leaves, ammonia on the fleece.If bitten by a tumor appeared, and even fester, it is necessary to make a hot compress of alcohol or vodka.Flies, mosquitoes, gnats, horseflies, ticks forest drives away, preventing their bites, fish oil: they need to lubricate the face, neck, arms, legs, in general, all the open spaces.The sting of scorpions, especially the old, often causes vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and weakness.The most effective treatment - wetting of the wound infusion scorpion on wood oil (for lack of wood as possible and on the other

, for example, vegetable).If not finished infusion, then you need to catch a live scorpion, rub with a wooden butter and this mush rub into the wound.Mangled heads from simple matches, brewed with boiling water, let stand, this brew make lotions.This tool is very good, and the bite of the tarantula.

From the bite of spiders, tarantulas, karakurt also helps to include tie bitten place above the bite, suck blood from the wound, if only in the mouth or on the lips no wounds.Otherwise, suck using cans or vial.Cauterize the wound with a red-hot nail, put disinfectant lotions.Big trouble cause so-called apricot gnats.They are found where apricot trees grow.After a bite the affected area begins to itch, appear small pimples, which are slightly fester.They can not be scratched, you should immediately smear iodine, put a hot compress with any disinfectant.

If bitten by sand mites, then you need to scratch the bite and lubricate the morning and evening with iodine within three days, otherwise it may begin fester.

particularly poisonous caterpillars, which live on the branches of a blackberry.The place where the caterpillar crawl so long itches, burns, wounds appear.They need to smear pure turpentine.

of injections of poisonous plants helps the remedy: moisten soda, make her a cake, apply to the affected area, to tie the raw cloth, cake change after 3-4 hours.This treatment relieves pain and itching.

Bite hornet can lead to the death of a human or animal.To prevent misfortune to take ammonia, mix with water and vinegar, and make a rubbing lotion into the bitten spot.You can stir in vinegar or salt water

, grind stung place and make a lotion.It helps and lotion of citric acid, prepared in the same manner.If the hand does not will such funds can be used alum or urine.Inflammation passes quickly and the swelling subsides.