First aid for shock defeat

August 12, 2017 17:50 | First Aid

At the moment of impact of current in the majority of affected disrupted the activities of the important centers of the brain and the autonomic nervous system of the heart.Convulsively reduced individual muscle groups, there comes a spasm of the glottis, so that the person can not cry, sharply turns pale, his lips turn blue, serves cold sweat.Many lose consciousness for a few minutes and sometimes hours.In more severe cases, breathing stops and impaired heart function, until it stops.

first aid electric shock, it is necessary to have on the scene immediately and simultaneously cause a "fast".

as soon as possible to free the victim from the action of an electric current, as due to seizures, he can not do it himself.Turn off the switch, the switch, unscrew the fuse or wire cut into two with an ax or a shovel with a wooden handle.If the hand will be a pair of scissors, pliers, knife, before cutting the wire, wrap them with rubber knobs or dry woolen cloth.The wire can be pulled from the victim with a stic

k, board, wooden shovel.In other cases, the victim of the need to pull from the wire holding the floor coat, jacket, shirt edge, if they are dry.

Do not touch the exposed part of the body of the victim, or saving himself fall under the current act.Before you begin these actions, your hands, wear rubber gloves, or dry wool, wrap the brush wool sweater or another dry cloth.For greater security, isolate yourself from the ground, rising

on a dry board, veneer board, plastic or rubber objects, dry clothes.If the victim is high off the ground, before switching off the electric current stretch a tarp or blanket to people crashed in the fall.

If, after the liberation from the action of the current signs of life of the victim are not available, it is necessary to immediately begin rescue breathing and chest compressions and continue, without interruption, until the arrival of "first".At the same time warming the victim with a blanket, clothing, heaters.

In the event that before the arrival of the medical workers breathing and heart activity you were able to recover, apply on the affected area with a dry sterile dressing.

With minor burns, use masking tape, in advanced - clean sheets or fabric.

not apply to the place of burning drugs - no liquids or ointments or powders!

Sometimes, electric shock, trying to dig into the ground for alleged diversion of current.Doing this in any case it is impossible!No charge electric current in the body of the victim remains.A burial in the ground is bad, because the chest is compressed by the victim, and most importantly, lost the time necessary for his recovery.

All electric shock must be delivered to the medical

institution, and be sure to finish the game regardless of the state of health.So you need to do because it can come back disorder of cardiac activity and respiration.