First aid for frostbite

August 12, 2017 17:50 | First Aid

When deep ( III -I V degree) frostbite appears tenderness in the affected area of ​​the body, sensitivity is lost, the skin becomes pale, cold to the touch.Active movements frostbitten toes or hands is not possible.

With deep frostbite sure to wrap the affected part of the body than a warm and, if possible exposed to cold injury, arm or leg, apply a layer of gauze, then a thick layer of cotton wool, gauze again, the top oil cloth or plastic bag.

For a long time it was thought that by helping with frostbite, it is imperative to rub frostbitten areas of the body with snow and how to deliver more human in a warm room.

Such an action is unacceptable!Firstly, because the rubbing of the skin aggravates frostbite with snow and ice crystals injure her, and it threatens to infection and suppuration frostbitten areas.Secondly, the rapid warming in a warm environment can lead to tissue necrosis.

To prevent necrosis, while warming frostbite should not be quick!

Before putting the victim into a warm room,

it is necessary to impose on the frostbitten areas (only on the area with marked pallor of the skin!) Insulating bandage of gauze bandage or wide with a layer of cotton wool.You can also use scarves, scarves, warm cotton or fur mittens, any warm clothes.Thereby unfrozen tissue isolated from the ambient air, and slowly warming occurs due to heat generation by the body.Very good to give the victim a drink of hot tea.

In no case can not warm the frostbitten areas with hot baths or dry heat.This dramatically increases metabolism, which leads to the development of necrosis (necrosis) of tissue, as the circulation in them have not yet restored.Affected

areas of the body can not be lubricated with grease or ointment.This aggravates the cooling, can injure the skin.

necrotic changes in tissues in frostbite not rarely develop immediately, but after 3-5 days after exposure.Gradually increases edema with severe cyanosis of the skin, blisters appear.It shows a deep tissue damage and lead to serious consequences.Therefore, in any case after the victim first aid should always see a doctor.