Children's sports complex in the apartment

August 12, 2017 17:50 | All Of The Physical Education

child can engage in it what age?Kids can hang on the rings or rotate as the carousel, spinning the suspension in a harness and hanging on it.It is striking that this exercise "helicopter" children invent independently.The exercises are of great importance: strengthening important muscle group.Jump as classics, or the children can string on the so-called hopping "creeper."This elastic solid rubber in diameter, thickness of about 15 mm should be purchased at sporting goods stores.You can buy in a drugstore 3-4 rubber bandage, weave "pigtail" of them and hung in the doorway.Let the child hardly gets on tiptoe to her.Jumping up, he will strengthen your leg muscles.

kids love to ride a roller coaster.In the simplest case - is inclined board with a sliding surface (lacquer, plastic).For the development of vestibular complex also indispensable coach.Inclined triangular ladder - a kind of a pass to climbing on the ceiling.Balancing on it is particularly difficult at the lower, narrow stairs.They overturned and

dumped the baby while it is still not very clever, on the floor.That he did not hurt himself, having spread foam.And do not be afraid to fall: the child will acquire valuable skills - the ability to fall.In the life of this it is very useful: the sudden drop - on the run, in the game at sports - protect against fractures, sprains and other injuries.

notch becomes wider bend at a smaller angle, and the child rises to the ceiling.This exercise is for the three-chetyrehletok.This lasagna is a serious burden for the coaching of the vestibular system, the nervous system as a whole.The child acquires confidence, courage, tenacity.Climbing - the most favorite activity of children in the complex.And whether it is necessary to build the house wall bars?Practice shows that for children of preschool age is traumatic.Even year-old child can handle going through, climb the stairs up to the ceiling, and then a short time and fall.

Do not force to force the child to do.Let him examine the possibilities.It is not necessary and to limit the child: believe me, he will do as much as he needs.

useful to combine physical activities with educational games.On one of the walls of the complex is well set the board on which the child can draw or write.The hill - post educational games.The child feels himself when he wants to get off the ladder and take a cube or ball on the ladder.

Another embodiment of the equipment the children's room with gymnastic complex provides accommodation in its two low tables, two bookcases to the ceiling, closet with children's clothing.About 3 sq.m takes gym complex.Its essential complement bunk bed with a spill over between her and sporting ammunition "vines" - durable rubber hose with a diameter of 30 mm or thicker twisted rope.

Fig.14 shows the structure of the gymnastic complex and shells that are used therein.The dashed line denotes the maximum amplitude of the maha in some exercises.

Note the two most interesting of the projectile.First - triple Uneven Bars (with independent adjustment of the height of each cross) combined with climbing wall and uprights.This shell allows the child to climb, using the entire volume of the complex.The second - a rope ladder.

Figure .14. scheme gymnastic complex .1 -Six ;2 - «vine» ;3 - rope ( or ring , spring , times for coups );4 - Area , fixed on wall ;5 - horizontal pipe ( 3 m length, diameter 48 mm);6 - short rack ( diameter 21 mm);7 - gymnastic wall ;8 - trapeze ( or swing ) with large amplitude maha ;9 - vertical stand ;10 - rope staircase ;11 - foam mat in a case ;12 - three horizontal crossbar ( Uneven Bars );13 - horizontal mounting ;14 - rubber harness for jumping

Figure .15. Duplex bed .1 - planed board thickness 40 mm [170X70 see );2 - back ;3 - vertical rack vraspor floor - ceiling ;4 - mount backs to wall , to racks ( corners );5 - «vine» ;6 - fence ( pipe )

Figure .16. Vertical Front .1 - ceiling ;2 - adjusting bolt ( M 14);3 - sleeve with thread ;4 - pipe diameter 48 mm;5 - bolts mounting M 10;6 - cross ( pipe diameter 300 mm);7 - lower support ;8 - floor

It replaces and swings, a trapeze and makes it possible to climb the front and side.With the rope ladder the children move on to a horizontal bar, a vertical stand, on the "creepers" and so on. D. The two-storey children's bed is shown schematically in Fig.15. especially careful to do the layout of holes in the pipes.It depends on the speed and ease of assembly of the horizontal bars reshuffle.If desired, bookshelves and tables can be designed in the same style.

Catching up on a gymnastic complex, children deftly and fearlessly climb to the ceiling on a pole and a rope ladder, somersault on the bar back and forth, catching up, make revolution and other exercises, many of which usually come up with themselves.The basic material for Gymnastics Complex and bed frame were the water pipes.One important element of the design is the vertical column (Fig. 16), which is placed vraspor between floor and ceiling.To rack does not move, it comprises pins into the small holes in the floor and ceiling.

bunk bed not only saves space in the room, but also serves as a gymnastic apparatus for regular exercise."Liana", suspended at a height of approximately 1,6 m , not interfere with walking around the room, they are very diverse children exercise.

Those who have less space in the apartment, we can restrict the construction of a two-story bed and installation of horizontal pipe under the ceiling of the room for hinged shells.

growth child's parents say usually on the doorjamb.It is very convenient for this purpose to stick on the wall near the door oilskin "centimeter" - will be immediately visible and mark growth and its size in inches.