Treatment of an ectopic pregnancy, folk remedies and methods

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ectopic pregnancy called the development of the fertilized egg outside the uterus.This occurs most often when hypoplasia pipes of considerable length and tortuosity and inflammatory processes in the pipes.

Symptoms: pain in the lower abdomen, sometimes cramping;minor bleeding.Weakness, dizziness, fainting.Learn more about the symptoms, see here.

When severe pain in the lower abdomen or loss of consciousness should immediately call the patient "first aid", indicating a call that you suspect an ectopic pregnancy.If you do not take urgent measures to break pipes, possible death from loss of blood.

What's going on? most commonly observed tubal ectopic pregnancy, which occurs in cases where the implantation and development of the ovum takes place in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus.Promotion of the fertilized egg into the fallopian tube is difficult, so it is attached to the tube and continued to develop it.Generally, fetal growth leads to thinning of the tube and to that 6-9-week pipe rupture


pipe rupture is characterized by sudden sharp pain in the lower abdomen radiating to the shoulder and shoulder blade navel, frequent pulse, pallor and syncope as a result of heavy internal bleeding.

What should I do? If you suspect an ectopic pregnancy should immediately call "ambulance" as required emergency surgery to stop the bleeding and remove the fetus.

Prior to the arrival of "first aid" should ensure that the patient complete rest, lift her legs, put on the underbelly of an ice pack or cold water, give sip hot water with lemon.

Recipes. Traditional medicine recommends to stop bleeding:

• take nettle extract 30 drops half an hour before a meal or a decoction of nettle leaves (nettle tablespoon per cup of boiling water) on a tablespoon 3-4 times a day;

• taking alcohol extract of the bark of Viburnum 30 drops per day or decoction viburnum berries (3 tablespoons of berries on half a liter of boiling water);

• have cooked in the peel of oranges;

• take barberry root tincture to 30 drops 3 times a day;

• there are fresh berries of mountain ash and viburnum.

Prevention of ectopic pregnancy is early detection and treatment of inflammation of the genital organs.In order to prevent women are advised to visit the gynecological consultation 1-2 times a year.Provoke an ectopic pregnancy may also be preceded abortions and harmful methods of protection against pregnancy, including the installation of nulliparous women IUD.