How to make a kite

August 12, 2017 17:50 | All Of The Physical Education

Kite - one of the favorite pastimes of many generations of kids.How to make it?Construction snake may be different.To get the classic flat snakes on a rectangular sheet of paper the size 200X 300 mm (can be taken and the other sizes) with the rear of the glued three splinter-reechki: two diagonally and one on the top edge.

reechek length is taken so that their ends were the edges of the sheet on 12-15 mm, thickness of 1.5-2 mm, width 5-8 mm.

On the front side of the sheet is a bridle, consisting of three strands of the same length, which tied for the crosshairs splinters at the corners of the sheet and in the center (where the sheet is pierced with a needle).The length of each thread is taken equal to the distance from the corner of the sheet to the center to blend the bridle on her sheet bundle coincides with the center (as verified by the symmetry of the bridle).If the thread extending from the center to do some shorter than others, the snakes will be steeper than the climb up, if longer - kite

flying is more horizontal.

between the upper corners snake from the back side pull a thread, like a bowstring.The curved surface gives the sheet resistance in flight.Previously this tie worn slip of paper the width of 3-4 cm, collected an accordion.This ratchet.It vibrates under the pressure of the wind and the drumming on the surface of the kite, making a distinctive sound - snakes "growls".

tail length of 2-2.5 m forked approximately half the length.If flying snakes prowl from side to side, then the tail is too easy.It needs to be lengthened or snap to the end of a tuft of grass or paper.The classic material for the tail is the bast Bast, but you can replace any tape, strips of chopped rags or paper twine.

Dangle tail to the lower ends reechek by a thread.That they are not slipped on the ends reechek make shallow cuts.

for "vozzhitsy" should not take a thread thinner than nine rooms, even better use kapron thread.

Launch snakes with good wind away from the trees and transmission lines.Do it together: one holds the kite against the wind, and the other, moving away from the thread meters 10-15 should run a few steps to kite soared.After that, it is necessary to gradually let go of the thread, while the serpent rises, to the full extent (note, incidentally, that the height of the flight of one snake coil is not limited).If desired, the thread can be tied to anything and even go - kite will fly at least twenty-four hours until the wind dies down.