If you are stung by a bee

August 12, 2017 17:50 | First Aid

To mitigate local toxic reaction immediately after stung by Hymenoptera have to attach to this place a piece of sugar, which contributes to stretching the poison from the wound and prevents the development of edema.If the swelling is painful and does not subside, see your doctor.

If a man attacks

bee or wasp swarm develops general intoxication: fever, a headache, nausea, and even vomiting.Therefore, before the arrival of the doctor, try to lay down as much as possible to bed to drink;to slow the absorption of the poison, should put a hot water bottle with cold water or a towel at the place of edema.soaked in cold water.When hives there is a significant decrease in blood pressure, so let the victim kordiamina 20-25 drops.Alcohol is absolutely contraindicated, as it contributes to increased vascular permeability, which leads to increased edema.

can not be used for local cooling damp earth, clay, as some do: it can lead to infection or blood poisoning tetanus.

But it happens that even after stung by

Hymenoptera have one person starts choking appear swelling, rash, abdominal pain.It says that it has developed an allergic reaction .

General allergic reaction is eliminated antigietaminnat taking any drug (diphenhydramine, suprastin).

The rest of the first aid for a severe allergic reaction is the same as when I was a common toxic: cold water bottle to the place stung, 20-25 kordiamina drops.

Those who at least once an allergic reaction to poison the bees, wasp, hornet or bumblebee should definitely consult an allergist.So people in the summer it is necessary to always carry allergist issued the so-called patient allergic disease passport.It indicates surname, name and patronymic of the owner, age, home address, phone number, diagnosis, allergist's office phone, where there is a sick, and those emergency measures that need to be taken in case of Hymenoptera stings.It is necessary that man carried a gun-laying and a set of medicines listed in the passport.

particularly urgent measures are necessary in case of a severe allergic reaction - anaphylactic shock. victim should hide, impose warmers with warm water, give one or two tablets of diphenhydramine, 20-25 drops kordiamina and urgently call "ambulance" and deliver it to the hospital.

If in victim went into cardiac arrest and stopped breathing, it is necessary before the arrival of "first" to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation: artificial respiration and chest compressions.