Councils for repair and storage of sporting equipment

August 12, 2017 17:50 | All Of The Physical Education

Sticks from children's ski can grow with the child.The now short, you need to stick to saw at a distance of 15 cm below the handles and put on both sides of the aluminum tube of larger diameter.Achieve a tight fit with masking tape.

Another tip for skiers: Made of soft iron sheet lining to ski boots for fastening skis.They increase the service life of shoes, and most importantly - eliminate the possibility of coming off the skis.To stand the best metal bends, corners are folded between the valves need to drill holes.To boot strap fastened with three screws (Fig. 19).

foam rubber glued to the sole of a ski boot, eliminating the need for drilling holes for hard ski bindings.Stickers will make it possible to embark on any pair of skis without pre-adjustment.

Ski prosmolit can be used an electric.On skis, a layer of resin, cover with aluminum foil and iron hot iron.This operation should be done 2-3 times.Uniform impregnation is obtained, and the time to work out a little bit.

To protect the rear e

nds of skis from shock and moisture during storage and transportation, it is recommended to wrap a wide ribbon of foam rubber.

Fig.20 shows a compact design for storage skis in the apartment.The upper and middle part of the ski is attached to the wall with wood bars with pins.The lower ends are kept nailed to the floor slats.

Broken rod, tennis racket can be restored as follows: in both parts of the Drill holes for the steel core, then tin-plated metal tape "bandage" place of fracture, solder joint on the spiral.After that, remove the broken part one, grease it with epoxy glue and set in place.Outside layer cast cloth tape impregnated with varnish (see Fig. 21).

bicycle pump made so that they inflated tire - hard work, from which only a strong man copes.It can facilitate a simple device.made clip, which covers the pump body from the metal sheet.In its middle part of the lock is put, not giving the pump to rest against the ground.At the bottom of the set folding prop.This tool allows to keep the pump foot and swing his arms - it facilitates and speeds up many times (Figure 22.).

Cut thick rubber tubing tightly fitted onto the valve chamber, allowing it to pump pump with no air leaks between the hose and the valve (Fig. 23).

Cyclists often lose the protective caps from the valve chamber.Try to find a way out with the help of end of life of a ballpoint pen.From her body and cut the desired piece is screwed onto the valve.To facilitate this operation, the plastic can be slightly warmed.

Rubber brake pads sport bikes have to constantly adjust, and in wet weather they could ever bring.Replace the rubber can be a special friction material.It is best to keep the pad cut from the end of life plastic brake pad railroad cars (throw them out in large numbers), as well as worn brake linings for tractors and trucks.