Gymnastics in lumbar osteochondrosis

August 12, 2017 17:50 | All Of The Physical Education

At home and at work are not a long time in one position.Most harmful position - bending forward of the trunk.This increases the load on intervertebral discs.During an exacerbation of the disease need maximum comfort.

To prevent osteoarthritis need to strengthen the abdominal muscles and back.

offer little tentative set of therapeutic exercises with lumbar osteochondrosis.Each exercise is repeated from 6 to 12 times.


1. I. p.- lie on your back, arms at your sides.At the expense of 1 raise your hands through the sides up on the 2-3 much drag on through 4 lower arms.

2. I. p.- hand lay under his head.On the 1-2 push down on the brush head on the 3-4 hold in this position at the expense of 5 relax the muscles.

3. I. p.- arms and legs bent, feet and elbows on the floor.On account of I lift the pelvis;to keep the 2-3 on the score 4 lower.

4. I. p.- the same, the hands drop to the side.On the count of 1, tilt to the left foot, left knee touch the floor;at the expense of 2 back to its original p

osition on 3 - the same in the other direction, at the expense of loans and 4.n.

5. I. p.- hands at your sides.On the 1-2 sit down and hugging her knees on the 3-4 go and straighten the legs.

6. I. p.- strongly bend your legs, pull them to your chest and clasp your hands, tilt your head to the knees, arching her back.Perform rolls, straightening and bending the legs.

Lying on his stomach

7. I. p.- hand bend in the elbows, lower the chin on the hand.At the expense of slightly lift one straight (or bent) foot on the 2-3 foot to keep weight at the expense of lower 4.

8. I. p.- hands at your sides.On the score 1 slightly raise your head, shoulders and straight legs;on, the 2-3 Leave in this position on account of 4 and return to.n.

9. Perform a circular motion in one foot in the other direction, lying on its side.


10. Standing on all fours, keeping hands on the floor, sit on your heels.Take a straight leg back.Exercise alternately one and the other leg.

11. I. p.- feet together.At the expense of 1 sit down, put your hands on the floor;into account 2 straighten the legs;to score 3 again bend your legs at the expense of 4 stand.

12. perform the self-massage the waist for 3-5 minutes, relax the muscles of the legs.

Those who have a good physical preparation, the load can be increased by a large number of repetitions of exercises and the use of gymnastic objects: sticks, balls, dumbbells weight 1-W kg and expanders.