How to lose weight

August 12, 2017 17:50 | All Of The Physical Education

Lose weight is recommended not once, but gradually.Try to reduce the amount of food eaten, especially carbohydrate, limit the sharp and salty foods.Not dramatically, but gradually decreases and the amount of fluid consumed.

Lose weight it is necessary so that not only do not feel hunger, but also to enjoy the food.Organize your diet so that the breaks between meals do not exceed 2,5 -s h, and you will not torment the hungry.Set, for example, the following conditions: 8 - Breakfast, at 11 lunch, 14 - Lunch in 16-16.30 - afternoon tea in the 19th - dinner.

And remember - you need to have small portions.Exclude from the diet of white bread, pies, cakes, pastries, butter biscuits, sweets, pancakes, noodles, dumplings, belyashi - in a word, all the dishes are made of dough, confectionery, sweets.Limit salt, salted and smoked products, a variety of marinades and spices.

Prefer all vegetables, except potatoes, fruits, except bananas and figs, unsweetened berries, milk and dairy products, with the exception

of cream and sour cream.You can eat, but not much, fish, meat, better low-fat, poultry and eggs, buckwheat.

useful vegetable oil.Phosphatides contained therein, Vitamin E helps digestion of entering the body fat and thereby contribute to the normalization of lipid metabolism.However, one should not abuse this product.Otherwise, oil will not prevent the accumulation of excess kilos and contribute to this.vegetable oil norm for an adult - 1-1.5 tablespoons per day.

From vegetables cook vegetarian soup and soup, vegetarian soup, cream soup, carrot soup, beetroot.On the second - stew, carrot and carrot-apple souffle, carrot or beet pancakes, carrot and cottage cheese casserole, carrot croquettes, stewed beet with prunes, beets, stuffed with cheese, stuffed with cheese, cabbage stew, cabbage steak, bell sweet stuffed peppers,braised eggplant, caviar of eggplant or zucchini, fried and stuffed zucchini.Very tasty and healthy salads of grated carrots, chopped cabbage with apples, of grated carrot and garlic.

This is not a complete list of dishes that you can vary your menu, not only on weekdays.On holidays, for example, make all kinds of vegetable salads, stuffed vegetables, jellied fish, chicken or meat jelly from the bones with the addition of lean meat, jelly, fruit or berries.

Those who want to lose weight, it is useful to organize a week fasting day - milk, kefir, vegetables, apple.It is better to do it in a weekend, when the reduced physical activity.

That's about what should be your menu:

Breakfast: salat of fresh cabbage and carrots, seasoned with vegetable oil and lemon juice, two boiled eggs, a glass of tea without sugar and milk.

Lunch: apple or an orange.

Lunch: polportsii soup (but not with pasta and noodles), fish or meat dish with vegetable side dish or without it (but not potatoes), a glass of milk or yogurt.

Afternoon: glass infusion of rose hips, apple or other fruits.

Dinner: any vegetable dish, buckwheat porridge with milk or scrambled eggs from two eggs if the eggs you ate for breakfast.

Bedtime: cup of yogurt.

adjusting the food and drink, it is necessary to pay due attention to the physical training.Returning the elasticity of muscles, exercise, help to restore the elasticity of the skin.

Useful massage (self-massage).But thermal procedures - bath and sauna - not to be abused: they are full of people leaving mostly water.In addition, after the pair, the skin loses elasticity and becomes dry.Therefore, use the steam room healthy young people should not be more than two or three times a month.

good tool for weight loss is fast walking (it is fast - at 100 steps per minute).Even more effective energy expenditure of walking up the stairs at a moderate pace for 30 minutes.It is also useful to slow long-running - jogging.Training should begin with a distance of 500-600 m, in the morning, before a meal.The optimal length of the race for women - 2 km NW.

notable result given exercises with gymnastic objects (ball, jump rope, stick, dumbbells ...).The effect is achieved, and by jumping rope for up to 25-30 minutes, sit-ups, lifting straight legs and torso in the supine position.

Exercises should be changed depending on the season.The main condition of success - regular employment (at least 3-4 times a week).Before the start of active physical exercise is necessary to consult with your doctor.

offers a small set of physical exercises designed to srednetrenirovannyh women with obesity I and II degree.Each exercise is repeated 12 to 16 times the average rate.Try to do them every day 1-2 times.

1. First Walking High knee and jogging in place with 45-60.

2. Raskinte hand in hand and follow their circular movements in one or the other side.

3. While standing, bend forward slightly, hands lower.Make a circular motion of the body.When you lift your hands up extension.

4. Take a few sit-ups.

5. Sit down, put your hands on the floor, one leg pull back and straighten, putting it on the toe.Relying on his hands, feet repels, change their position.

6. In the sitting position legs spread wide.Follow tilts to one and the other leg to the queue.

7. In the sitting position, place your hands on the floor behind.Do straight leg swings forward and upward.During Maha slightly lift the pelvis.

8. Lying on your back, slightly lift both legs and follow them any motion (flexion and extension, circular motion, etc..) For 30-45 seconds.

9. Lying on his stomach, put a hand on his head.Raise your head, shoulders and both legs straight, hold 3-5 seconds.

10. Get on your knees, put your hands up.Bending legs, bend forward, head to stretch the knees, lower your arms and take them back.

11. In the same position Sit on the floor side and again kneel.Do the same in the other direction.

12. Follow the jump in place on the two and on one leg for 30-46 seconds.

13. In a standing position and inhale without exhaling strongly draw in and relax the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall for 7-10 seconds.Repeat b-8 times.

Often women fat deposits are located in the lower part of the body: the abdomen, waist, hips.In order to lose weight in the hips and waist, «pick up» the stomach, recommended special exercises.

1. Legs wide apart.Pick up a thick book and describe a semicircle body - first left, then right, and 5 times in each direction.

2. Lie on your back, arms stretched above his head.Sit down, trying to touch the arms outstretched toe.Return to starting position.Repeat the exercise 10 times.

3. Lie on your back, pull your hands along the body.Lift the leg and they describe a semicircle on a bench a low left to right and right to left.Try to slowly lower the leg to the floor.Raising your feet up, take a breath, dropping to the floor - exhale.Repeat the exercise 10 times.

4. Get on your knees, arms stretched forward.Not helping himself with his hands, take left again kneel and sit right.Repeat the exercise 10 times.

5. Get on your knees.Set aside the left foot to the side, left hand palm up, place near the knee, lift right above his head.Make a tilt to the side, trying to pull together as much as possible with both hands.Do the same to the other side.Repeat the exercise 10 times.

6. Pull forward while the right arm and left leg.Describe their circles and sharply pulled back, return to the starting position.Repeat 5 times.Then do the exercise 5 more times with his left hand and right foot.