How to become hardened

August 12, 2017 17:50 | All Of The Physical Education

After charging - wiping with a wet towel.The water temperature, which should be wet towel, should be such that what you most pleasant.Wiped the neck, shoulders, arms, torso, wipe the parts dry with a body.Then continue wet wiping - abdomen, buttocks, legs (the procedure takes 1 to 2 minutes).Gradually, the water temperature is reduced to the one that flows from the tap.

prepare yourself wiping, two weeks later proceed to pouring.The water temperature at pouring should be 34-35 ° C gradually reduce it to 10-12 ° With finish the procedure, rubbed with a towel until the sensation of heat.

Particularly good results are to strengthen the body gives the hardening feet. first option - nightly wash water at a temperature of 28 to 30 ° C, you are gradually reduced by 1-2 °, until he could bring to 12-15 ° C. The legs hold in water first for 1 minute, then day by day increase the timeto 3 min.Second Embodiment - two pelvic place with hot (35 ° C) and cold (20 ° C) water.Lower first leg in hot and then cold

water at 2.3 times in each.Weekly lift the hot water temperature by one degree.And so - to 40-42 ° C;Cold water temperature drops one degree, bringing it up to 15 ° C. Keep your feet in hot water for 2-3 minutes in the cold - 30 seconds.

Swimming in icy water, scientists believe, activates all the physiological processes in the body, it hardens well.However, if you decide to become a walrus, be sure to check with your doctor.It is better to deal with "winter swimming" is not individually, but in the winter swimming clubs, to be under constant medical supervision.Many of the sick and the elderly, especially women, strong cooling can cause disruption of the internal organs and cause harm instead of good.And absolutely unacceptable hypothermia for people who have had recent myocardial infarction with severe kidney disease.

basic laws of any hardening - of gradual and orderly - must be observed here.Prepare for winter swimming better in the summer, every day swimming in a river or a lake, a pond, and then extend the swimming season for the entire year.You can start in the winter.But this requires a preliminary preparation at home, as well as the presence in the vicinity of the hole, warm room, even better - a warm shower or bath.Regularly taking a cold shower or a bath house and complementary air and snow procedures, you can go to bathing in ice-cold water easily.Of course, they must be combined with intense exercise.Even if you're a walrus with the experience, you still do not abuse the ice bath.The interval between baths is determined by the time required for full recovery of physiological functions.Bathing frequency is inversely proportional to the "cold load": the lower, the more frequent bathing;the larger the load, the less likely they are.

magnitude of "cold load" depends on the residence time in the icy water and cold air, as well as dealing with the degree of fit.

begin winter swimming is possible at any age, from 16 to 70 years.However, solving the problem of hardening ice-cold water, consider not only the physical but also the psychological readiness to do so.

If burning ice water does not frighten you - dive ..

How to harden the child first months of life? First of all, keep the room temperature is not higher than 20-22 ° C. In cold weather, ventilate the room every two hours, but so that after airing the temperature did not fall below 20 ° C. When the heat is on the street - in the spring and especially in summer -do not try to close the window, day or night.But make sure that there are no drafts.

Changing diapers, do not rush to wrap the baby.Starting from 2-3 weeks, give it a few times a day to lie naked on a minute, two.These first air bath is the beginning of hardening.But the most important thing - a walk.In the middle lane in the cold season for the first time to make the newborn for a walk at 5 to 10 minutes can be the third week of life, if the weather is windless and the air temperature is not below -10 ° C can begin to walk before in the warm season.Gradually, day by day, increases the duration of walks for 3-5 minutes.When the baby is a month, he may have to walk for about an hour.Reminder: a walk, and not be in the "room" stroller with a raised top, and with a closed face.

Very handy if you have a balcony.Yet keep in mind: the air trapped in the movement (when the carriage rolled down the street), better contribute to hardening.In addition, the balconies are strong drafts.And again, when the child grows up a bit, it would be desirable to have (and should!) Do not just lie in a wheelchair, looking in front of him, but really "walk", looking at the sky, the trees, the people passing by, birds flying.

child who is just learning to walk, it is convenient to drive using staples from a thick pro-

die or tube (Fig. 11).

Mother takes bracket for the top ring, and the child with both hands holding on to two lower handles.Mothers do not have to bend, it is not tired, not curved spine in a child.

If the body pram put on a sled, then with a sidecar on runners can easily walk on the soft snow.

Wet wiping - excellent means of tempering, one of the most powerful in their impact on the child's body.To begin you need to cool off no earlier than 7 months.But first baby accustomed to a dry wiping : about a week daily body rub with a dry flannel or woolen cloth, until the skin turns red.Just do not get carried away too much, did not cause the child pain, the procedure should be fun.As soon noticed that the skin reddens faster than in the early days, you can begin to wet wiping.Sew from an old terry towel mitten.Moisten it with warm (34 - 35 ° C) water, wring out and wipe first, the breast, stomach, back, the last to arms and legs, covering the rest of the diaper.Immediately wipe dry with a soft towel, cover the diaper.Gradually reduce the temperature of the water, bringing it to a year to 30 ° C. Be very careful!If there were shivers, stop sponging.

On hot summer days, kids older than 8 months can be on the air warmed in the sun pour water from a watering can.

Sun child needs.But in reasonable doses and under certain safety rules.The spring sun is especially a lot - more than in the height of summer - the ultraviolet rays, specifically those that prevent and treat rickets.Catch them!Lower the top of the carriage, open the face of the baby, just make sure that the beams do not hit in the eye.But in the summer at 25 ° C and above, be careful with the sun.Hide the baby from direct sunlight, try to put the pram in the shade of trees.It can be carried out Sunbathing only after the child turns a year.How?Strictly by the minute, half an hour after eating.It is better in the morning or, on the contrary, in the evening, after 16 hours.Begin with 1-2 minutes and every two days is added into the game.Do not undress your baby once naked, first substitute the sun only legs, the next day the belly, then the back, breast, arms.Only on the 6th day

let your child soak up the sun naked, try to alternately he turned onto his back, then his stomach.Solar bath should not last more than 5-6 minutes.Cover the baby's head is always panamkoy with a wide brim or visor to protect his eyes.Another subtlety: Her colorless, and red-haired kids are particularly sensitive to the sun, bad tan, but quickly overheat.Be careful!If the child is flushed, sweating, or, on the contrary, goose bumps, chills appeared - immediately in the shade!