History of uric therapy

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Mocheterapiya

People from time immemorial knew about the healing properties of the urine, and traces of this knowledge preserved in folk medicine.

At the beginning of the last century, the book "A thousand wonderful things" was published simultaneously in England, Scotland and Ireland.Here are some excerpts from the quaint carried

universal and perfect remedy for all external and internal health disorders - in the morning drink their own water for 9 days, and it will cure scurvy, will make the body light, joyful;It is very good against dropsy, jaundice;drink as described above;

warm piss my ears: it works well against tuhlosti and other violations in the area of ​​the ear;my hands and massaged it, and it will remove the numbness, remove cracks and abrasions, straighten the joints;my eyes its own water, and it will cure sore eyes, purify them and strengthen the vision;obmoy it his wound - a surprisingly good help;obmoy any place that itching, and it will remove the itch;My lower body is very good for hemorrhoids an

d other ills.

These statements suggest that it is impossible to recognize a good look at the normal urine as dirty and toxic products that can not be taken as a medicine.

Even today you can find cases of urinary treatment in remote villages.The old grandmother give children to drink their urine in the case of fever, diarrhea and so on. D.

Keeping your children's health without drugs, they have rendered valuable service in the sense that it helped to keep the knowledge that in other circumstances would have been lost.

Not only people, but animals instinctively used uric therapy .If a bull or a dog unwell, they usually lie in the same place and time they drink their urine from time to time.After a few days they are healthy.

In India, widely used mullein and cow urine.Hindus are inside mullein and cow urine for self-purification before performing important ceremonial procedures, and if they have to have something bad and dirty.In medicine, Ayurveda (Indian doctors), cow urine is considered a very powerful tool for the treatment of serious diseases, especially liver.Ayurveda recognizes human urine as a potent tool for the treatment of many diseases.

According Vagbaatte: "In the world there is nothing that can not be used for treatment.You only need to use it wisely. "Human urine - an antidote.In India there are many yogis who regularly consume urine.They look young even in very old age.They think the urine sacred liquid.They call it Shivambu, which means - water Shiva, water health.

have Kapayanka sect, worshiping Lord Shiva, this yogic technique is called Amaroli.

most ancient and probably the most comprehensive source in the medical aspect is the head of the Damar Tantra, entitled "The practice of using urine to recover the body."It includes a first stage amaroli as physical health is a prerequisite for any spiritual practice.

Damar Tantra was written about 5,000 years ago, and takes the form of a dialogue between Shiva and Parvati.The following are some of the most important statements of this text.

«... Oh, Parvati, now I will tell you what utensils for success.The vessel shall be made of gold, silver, copper, iron, zinc, clay, bamboo, bone, skin or leaves.O Devi, clay pots are best for this purpose. "

«practitioners should refrain from salty and spicy food, should eat a little, do not overwork, working, and avoid unnecessary movements.He should own their feelings and have to sleep on the ground. "

«practice to get up early in the morning (that is between 3 and 4 o'clock in the morning) and emit urine, facing the East."

«The start and end portions of urine have to be disposed of, and the average portion going.This is the best piece of urine to drink. "

«It is necessary to take their own urine, she called shivambudhara".

«Shivambu (urine) as the divine nectar, she dispels sickness and old age.Mystic must first drink his urine, and then proceed to exercise their sacred meditation. "

«Rising from the bed, especially tidy mouth, the right their natural needs, and then drink his urine.If you do it for a month, then not only will disappear disease, but the body cleansed inside. "

«By retracting the urine through the nose every morning, you can get rid of all diseases caused by vata, pitta and cafe (Ayurvedic body elements - gases, bile, phlegm).Digestion improves, and the body becomes stronger. "

«Whoever rubs urine into the whole body three times a day and three times during the night, live long.All the joints of his body stronger, he is freed from the disease and remain cheerful. "

«Oh, Parvati, who drank urine every day and rub it into the body for three years, finds a body full of strength and brilliance, knowledge in the arts and sciences, gets the gift of eloquence and lives as long as there arein the sky the stars and the moon. "Even if we leave aside the hyperbole and a mention of the supernatural, one thing is perfectly clear: the urine is undoubtedly a very effective and harmless means of strengthening the body and treating disease.

So uric therapy has old and strong traditions.There were times when people used urine without hesitation as a medicine.But then there was a medical science, allopathy, ayurveda Indian.Many important studies conducted alchemists.properties were studied in detail the herbs and minerals and their effect on the body and brain.People were amazed by these discoveries.They decided that the plants and minerals, as well as other artificial substances more useful and efficacious for the treatment of various diseases.At the same time, people moved away from nature, and the idea that the urine - the dirty product (in other words - the body wastes), deposited in their minds.Since uric therapy has become obsolete type of treatment, and in many parts of the world is almost unthinkable.

Fortunately, there were always people who wanted at all costs to establish the truth.These men were John Armstrong in England and Raodzhibhay Manibhoy Patel in India.They have established and proved that the urine - a great healing tool.One can easily imagine how it was necessary to have the courage and conviction which to explore themselves and to put into practice uric therapy, despite the sharply negative public opinion.