Lose weight with water

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

«Water - the best medicine."It is known not only to the Greek philosopher Pindaros, who lived about 2500 years ago.Chinese medicine is also based on the healing properties of water.

In addition, long known that one glass of water can make a strong sense of hunger subside for a while.

Unfortunately, in recent years people have forgotten about this ancient life source.The exception was the world-famous pastor Kneipp.

new life with the help of water

Obesity is becoming one of the most serious problems of our time.Today, the world is suffering from it every second either has excess body fat, or with

every bite butter cake risks to start the mechanism of fat accumulation.With each passing day on Earth is less and less people who are in the morning, full of optimism, go into the bathroom and get up on the scales.Increasingly, the scales are ruthlessly ascertain the presence of extra kilos, spoil the mood of the people.Some even favorite breakfast after such a start to the day does not seem familiar deli


results of the latest research

Health research quickly provide excellent results.Particularly good progress was made in the beginning of this millennium.Of course, this is due to the new technologies.For example, computed tomography allows for new insights into the causes and methods of treatment of various diseases.This gives new hope to people who are used to help the medicine is hampered.

In addition, in recent years, scientists have actively studied the effect that has on the following components of food health: Proteins Carbohydrates

Lipids (fats, oils) Vitamins Minerals Trace elements


water - this is the most simple and natural cure availableman.It helps to lose weight effectively.Moreover, this drug is easily obtained directly from the tap or from a bottle of mineral water.

«The Seventh Element»

Previously scientists to overlook the fact that water is the seventh, an indispensable and important element of the supply.Perhaps this neglect is explained by the fact that water is flowing almost free of any crane.Water is of interest to researchers since it became known that it starts in the body of metabolic reactions and thus actively promotes fat burning.

Violation water balance

direct or indirect cause of many complaints about the bad state of health is a violation of water balance in the body.The human body is approximately 2/3 of water.Liver, kidney and spleen consist of water almost 65 percent, connective tissue and joints by about 40 percent even in the bones 25 percent water, not to mention the fluids circulating in the human body (blood, lymph, tears, saliva secretion of mucousskins, sweat).

Lack of water in the cells

Before many people are overweight, there is a dilemma: the cells of the body's lack of moisture, while outside in the tissues of excess fluid accumulates, sometimes in large quantities.Possible consequences of this can be swelling, edema, etc.

only cells in the body, a nutrient rich liquid may enhance their own metabolism and burn fat effectively.

withered, limp, prematurely aged cells lose 40 to 50 percent of the original performance.

They consume little power, so they require little or no triglycerides (fat molecules).Therefore, fat is stored in the so-called "fat depots" - on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks.


In case of violation of water balance in the body too much fluid accumulates in the tissues outside of the cells, while the cells themselves are almost dying of thirst.If not enough water in the cells, will not start the lipolysis and the cells will not burn fat.

hard way to the ideal weight

Many people with great difficulty reaching your ideal weight, despite the fact that a disciplined dieting.The reason - the lack of water in the body.

Researchers have found a new formula harmony: saturate the cells with water and become younger.It activates the metabolism and the long-awaited launch of lipolysis (fat splitting process).

important to remember that the fat cells (adipocytes) also contain up to 12 percent water.Only through this cellular fluid can function properly metabolism, but it can help burn fat molecules and give up their energy through the blood of almost 70 billion cells.Meanwhile

those fat cells, which lack cellular fluid, become "dead" cells and are deposited in the "fat depots".

ability of these cells to carry out metabolism is minimal.They do not want to part with their fat, and the one to whom they belong, is doomed to be complete.


cell of the human body consists mostly of water.If there is insufficient water in the metabolism process can not proceed optimally.

«Water - slimming formula" based on the natural principle of getting rid of unwanted excess weight.

This principle works perfectly without tedious counting calories, without dieting, starvation and various weight-loss courses.In addition, the result is noticeable quickly.

proposed method is based on the fact that the human body fluid taken from the extracellular tissue and introduced into cells.

It activates the metabolism.Then, addition of glucose (the smallest carbohydrate component) in fat and energy is processed.

cells of the human body is quite capable of rapidly burn fat.Just run-whether Polisi mechanism, and your figure will gradually slimmer.

This chapter shows you how to stimulate the metabolism, just saturating cells with plenty of water.

After saturated water cells can recycle a lot - especially fat.