The principles of a new weight loss program

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Slimming process are very important movement, physical activity, including sports.More importantly, active life within the body, optimal tone of almost 70 billion human body cells.

And while jogging in the morning, aerobics, cycling and walking in the mountains improve heart and organs, blood circulation and blood flow, it does not mean that exercise activates the metabolism in cells.But it all depends on him.

Increased muscle mass, posture, sport stately form, the joy of life, which achieved many hours training in the gym or on the volleyball court, often only a temporary result.

The reason usually is that the body's cells do not have enough water and they can not be used optimally for their livelihoods pulses produced during exercise.

How many kilograms is easy to lose?

Being overweight is most often associated with a lack of water in the cells.It is the restoration of a healthy water balance in the body fat significantly accelerates the recycling process.

Example 1: Male, height 1.78 m, weight 9

2 kg, 12 kg overweight.Weight reduction (net loss of fat)

during the first three months of about 1.2 kg, then approximately 1 kg per month, then in about 11 months, achieved a normal weight.Example 2: Female, height 1.66 m, weight 68 kg, 10 kg overweight.The reduction in weight during the first three months of about 1 kg, followed by about 900 g per month.Normal weight is achieved after approximately 11 months.Example 3: Female, height 1.62 cm, weight 71 kg, 14 kg overweight.during the first three months The fat reduction of about 1.4 kg, then an average of 1.2 kg per month.After about 1 year, body fat decreased significantly.

Prerequisites of success are: a healthy diet with fruits, salads, vegetables;© conscientious objection sweets, sugary drinks, as well as saturated fatty acids, which are contained in the sausage, pizza, etc .;physical activity and sports;Relaxation, adequate sleep.

Many weight loss programs promise immediate results - quick to get rid of body fat.However, the weight loss in the first few days or weeks on such programs means a loss of glucose and water, while prolonged weight loss with fat removal is only possible as a result of activation of lipolysis.

Modern researchers metabolism compiled a list of items that are required for fast weight loss, placing them in order of importance:

saturation of cell nutrient fluids proper nutrition physical activity stress relief, peace and relaxation.


Fat is vital to the body, if located on the internal organs and under the skin, but not on the hips and abdomen.Only when the correct water balance of the fat-burning process will start itself.

cells only with optimum water balance optimally able to turn fat into energy.Sports, exercise, physical activity, of course, contribute to this, but they are less important than the creation of proper water balance within each of the billions of cells in the body.

fat cells in the body

From 97 to 98 percent of body fat - it triglycerides (triacylglycerol).These molecules are deposited primarily in adipose cells, as well as in the liver and muscles.

fat molecules are vital to the body: they protect the skeleton and organs from injury.That thick fat layer protects the heart, kidney and mammary glands.

adipose tissue of the human body and provides a heat exchange.Therefore, a person needs food that contains fat.

The crucial point is that a sufficient amount of triglycerides entering the body with food, should be processed into energy resulting in proper metabolism.

An adult of normal weight person over 30 billion fat cells, containing 0.6 micrograms of fat each.

In the body of a teenager are overweight the fat cells by almost 3 times more and each of them contains 0.9 micrograms excessively accumulated fat.

A few years later, as a teenager matures, fat content increased by about 10 percent.

then diagnosed with "overweight" already uncertain: there is a risk of chronic morbid obesity.In this situation, the normal rate of weight loss will not be able to help.

Therefore, the best way - to rejuvenate the cells, use the full capacity of their opportunities, increase metabolism.Cells organism capable of these processes, when they come

essential vitamins, minerals, protein and fatty acid molecules.All this is possible only when the optimal water balance.

mean restoration of the physiological water balance - the only way to ensure the influx of new blood cells and new energy that are essential for the active splitting fat.

water balance within the cells controlled primarily two minerals are: sodium and potassium.Sodium retains water, potassium her prints.Given this dual action, everyone is able to regulate the water balance, as a result of losing weight easily, quickly and efficiently.