Sodium-potassium "pump"

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

nutrients from food in the intestines through the mucosa into the blood, which then delivers it to the tissues.After finest capillaries (blood vessels), they fall into the extracellular fluid surrounding the cells.From there they are transferred to the cells of the body.

fluid movement within the cell is carried out through tiny "pumps" that are on the inner sheath cells.First, through tiny pores, they pumped out of cells sodium.As a result, the concentration of sodium in the intracellular fluid decreases.Other sodium ions penetrate through the protective membrane into the cell.There is a constant exchange of fluids between the outer and inner cell space.

These "gateways" that organize the influx of nutrients into the cell, only work in the presence of large amounts of potassium.Potassium charge carriers then permanently particles enter the cell, while the sodium is pumped to and into the extracellular fluid.


Nature always strives for balance between opposites.So two minerals, sodium and

potassium, are counterweights.Sodium retains water, potassium outputs it.

If the body lacks potassium, tiny "pumps" do not work or operate at minimum capacity.The cell loses nutrients.So she can not actively participate in the process of metabolism, it requires less energy, and it burns less fat.Therefore potassium-rich fruits and vegetables are so important for weight loss process, while foods high in salt, on the contrary, contributes to fullness.


cells more active 70 billion microscopic cell "engine" of the body's metabolism is carried out, the more body fat they need to feed, resulting in the more they are energized by its cleavage.

in the required quantity of liquid only in the cytoplasm of cells, their aqueous interior, ensures the start of lipolysis and getting rid of fat.If the cells do not have enough water, metabolism powerless fades and they lose the ability to break down the fat accumulated in the body fat on your stomach, hips and buttocks.


daily requirement for sodium is generally satisfied with the amount of this element, which is contained in the food.An additional salt man needs very little.But from lack of potassium suffers many of our contemporaries.So as much as possible, increase the daily intake of potassium by fruit and vegetables.