Useful and therapeutic properties of the mineral water

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Hydrotherapy

example, hydrocarbon-ion involved in maintaining acid-alkaline balance in the body.Such water as seltzer, mineral water, having an alkaline reaction, normalizes motor and secretory function of the gastrointestinal tract, reduces dyspepsia.It is useful not only for diseases of the digestive system, but also in inflammatory processes in the urogenital system.

When stagnation of bile in the gall bladder and reduced gastric acidity useful mineral water with the content of "Essentuki" such as chlorine ion № 4.

sulfate mineral water is recommended for constipation ( "Batalinskaya", "Arzni"), irritating the intestinal mucosa, whereby it is amplified peristalsis.

Ferruginous mineral water (Marcial, Jermuk) stimulate the formation of blood, and therefore useful to take in case of anemia.

Iodine mineral water is used in atherosclerosis.In neurosis appoint mineral waters, which include bromine (eg, melt).Water with silicic acid has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antitoxic effect.

In recent years, the spread

is prepared radon mineral water as drinking water, as it was found that in small amounts they are useful in violation pyelonephritis and gastrointestinal functions.

contained in many mineral waters, carbon dioxide stimulates motor and secretory activity of the stomach and intestine, is useful in diseases that are characterized by a reduced gastric secretion and intestinal peristalsis sluggish.

Proper application of mineral water helps to reduce or increase the acidity of gastric juice, to improve blood circulation in the stomach and the liver, increasing the inflow of arterial blood and outflow of venous, which is very favorable for the activities of, in particular, because this reduces or completely abolished hypoxia - oxygenstarvation of tissues, which increases their resistance to pathogenic factors.As a result of the reception of mineral waters in the liver normalized metabolism, wound stagnation of bile in the stomach - accelerates ulcer healing process restores the function of gastric glands.Mineral waters and have beneficial effects on the pancreas, in particular pancreatitis - the inflammation of the pancreas.

importance is attached to the mineral waters as a stimulator of secretion of intestinal hormones - gastrin and secretin, which are necessary for normal digestion.In addition, mineral waters act on the gastrointestinal tract and reflex.Therefore, we can speak of neuro-humoral mechanism of the effect of mineral waters on the digestive system.

first in Russia was open source Marcial waters in the north-west of the country under Peter.He strongly believed in the healing properties of mineral waters, not once visited with his wife (the future Catherine) at a resort which has arisen in the source region, and recommended that it be treated ill AD Menshikov.One of the documents of that era read, "The king in the usual ceremony, talking about the illness of his lordship was pleased to announce the unprecedented action of mineral water."

In the USSR, spa treatments at the resort has received wide distribution.

to food substances applies to water, without which life is impossible.It is in aqueous medium biochemical reactions occur that is caused by the unique physical and chemical properties of water - this truly remarkable liquid.No coincidence that life originated in it.

living cell on 60-99,7% of the water, allowing Dubois argued: "A living organism - it is animated by the water."Adult body weight of 65 kg has an average of 40 liters of water.Most (25 L) is in the cells, the remaining 15 l up the extracellular fluid.The younger the body, the more liquid in it, with age, the amount of body water is decreased.

Water - the only liquid on Earth, which is characterized by special physical and chemical properties.Water molecules readily dissociate into ions - positively charged hydrogen (H +) and negatively charged hydroxyl (OH ") It is these ions and determine the spatial structure of proteins, lipids, nucleic acids and other organic substances polar molecule water obliged the property of dissolving various substances.:.mineral salts, ethers, alcohols, sugars, etc. Because some water and serves as a medium, which occur numerous chemical reactions that combine to create life.

water plays a leading role in the thermoregulation of the body, supports thermal homeostasis, which allows to adapt to extremes of ambient temperatureenvironment. When the temperature increases the evaporation of water from the body surface, and it is cooled. Lowering the air and the ambient temperature greatly reduces water evaporation and heat in the body is stored.

loss of large quantities of water (through evaporation, resulting in vomiting, diarrhea, enhanceddiuresis) gives the constancy of the internal environment (along with the water and salts lost).The normal functioning of the organism is inconceivable without saving water and salt balance.

important to consider not only the number inputted in the body of water, and extracted.If the amount of water allocated less imposed, it can indicate, for example, the deterioration of kidney function, failure of the cardiovascular system.

course, change the chemical-physical state of water, its conductivity leads to a change in metabolism, enhancing or inhibiting the course of biochemical reactions.Similar changes were observed in the melt, magnetized water and in the water obtained by electrolysis.The problem of the influence on the organism ionized water in recent years, is being intensively studied, and have already obtained interesting results.

Based on the fact that the plant food alkalizes body (which has a positive effect on physiological functions), you can expect that a negatively charged water, possessing alkaline properties, also have a beneficial effect on the body.Special animal experiments and observations of people support these proposals.

Our brief story about the role of water in nature finish the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: "You, the water, no taste, no color, no smell, you can not describe, you enjoy not knowing what you are ... You are the greatest wealth in the world. "