Acupressure for headache

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Psychotherapy

Pain in the forehead

headache may be a symptom of many diseases, including very serious, such as hypertension, inflammation of the brain membranes, inflammation of the maxillary and frontal sinuses, and others. In the case where the headache persists, or ispronounced, it is necessary to see a doctor, but he can make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.However, in any case, using acupressure, you can help yourself to reduce pain.

To do this, you need to consistently find and massage the following points:

24 - Hae-gu ( "closed valley").This is one of the most common points used in acupuncture.It is called the point of a hundred diseases.Point is located on the back of the hand in a recess in the 1.5-2 cm above the crease formed by the thumb and forefinger.Try rectified thumb to connect with his index finger.Between them formed a skin fold, the top of the fold and will meet the country point.Promassiruyte alternately corresponding fingers of the opposite hand.

Hae-gu point is used in the treatment o

f arthritis, arthritis of hand joints.This is the main point in the treatment of colon diseases, as well as asthma, vasomotor rhinitis, vegetative-vascular dystonia, diseases of hearing and vision.

13.23 - Shang-xing ( "Top Star").Point is located on the midline of the head, which divides the head into two equal halves, and is located 1.5 cun above the anterior border of the scalp.

point is used in the treatment of pain in the front of the head, nasal congestion, nasal bleeding, allergic eye diseases.

3.8 - Tou-wei ( "Keeper of the head").Point is located on the corner of poltsunya above the scalp, at the upper edge of the temporal muscle.In this place there is the frontal branch of the superficial temporal artery.

point is used in the treatment of neuritis of the facial nerve, neuro dystonia, dizziness, stuttering and other

34 k -. Ray-ting ( "Lower Hall").The point is localized on the dorsum of the foot, between the heads II-III metatarsals.

point is also used in the treatment of diseases of the stomach, small intestine, oral mucosa, inflammatory diseases of the joints stop, sleep disorders.

74 - Qu-cha ( "Curved deviations").These are balanced in terms of the head, which are located above the front edge of the scalp on poltsunya and then left and right 1.5 cun.

point is massaged with a headache on the same side, with a decrease in vision, nasal congestion, pharyngitis, rhinitis, front.Within a few minutes to massage these points by pushing or vibration.

When headache is localized in any part of the head, it is recommended to massage carefully thumbs.

to alleviate the suffering of headaches and used other methods of reflex therapy.Among them are circular mustard.Mustard put in a plastic bag, the length of which should be sufficient to wrap my head.Mustard layer should be facing the "face" out.Compress fixed together with a package on a head scarf or bandage.It must be remembered that the yellow card must be over the area of ​​pain and in a symmetrical section.The compress should be kept no more than an hour.

When headaches can also use the tub with hot water (41-42 ° C) for hands.Brushes are immersed in water for 5-7 minutes.

pain in the temples

If the pain is localized in the area of ​​the temples, it is recommended to massage the following points:

3.8 - Tou-wei ( "Keeper of the head").

10.5 - Wai guan ( "outer boundary").Point is located on the rear of the forearm, 2 cun above the skin fold, which is formed by bending the brush is located between the radius and ulna bones.At this point, go back of the interosseous artery dorsal cutaneous nerve and muscular branches of the radial nerve.

point is also used to treat fevers, constipation, tendency to respiratory diseases, eye diseases, neuro dystonia hypotonic type, sleep disorders, and others. It belongs to the general action points.

10.23 - Ssu-chu-kung ( "Gate of the ear").The point is located at the outer end of the eyebrow of the zygomatic process of the frontal bone.At this point palpated recess corresponding to the outer edge of the zygomatic bone.In this area is orbicularis oculi muscle, there are superficial temporal artery and the first branch of the trigeminal nerve.

point is used in the treatment of headache, dizziness, neuritis of the facial nerve, conjunctivitis, otitis and deafness.

11.8V - Shuai-gu.The point is located at 1.5 cun up from the edge of the ear, in the scalp.In this place are the superficial temporal artery branches, small auricular nerve and branches of the trigeminal nerve.

used in the treatment of pain in the temples, migraines, muscle contractions and cervical occipital region.

11.11V - Tou-chiao-yin.Point is located at the upper edge of the external auditory meatus opening, behind the auricle 1 Cun at base mastoid.There are branches of the posterior auricular artery and the posterior of the ear nerve.

used in the treatment of headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, muscle cramps in children.

pain in the neck

First, you need to massage the point Hae-gu (2.4), and then a few more points.

6.3 - Hou-hsi ( "Rear Gorge").Point is located on the arm, back of the head of the fifth metacarpal bone.The point is easy to find, clenching his fist.It is at the end of the furrow at the base of the little finger.At this point, pass dorsal artery of the fingers and back nerve.

point is also used to treat seizures forearm, writer's cramp, trigeminal neuralgia, liver diseases, tonsillitis, intercostal neuralgia and neuritis of the ulnar nerve.

7.8 - Le tsyue ( "Cleft" or "missing number").The point is located at the edge of the beam radius of 1.5 cun above the radiocarpal fold.It refers to the total action points.Location point corresponds to the outer edge of the tendon of abductor muscles of the thumb.At this point, it distributed radial artery branches.

point is used for the treatment of neuritis of the facial nerve, trigeminal neuralgia, dental pain, asthma, spastic colitis, allergic skin diseases, etc.

7,10 -. Tien-chu ( "heavenly pillar").The point is located at the outer edge of the muscle roll formed trapezius muscle, 0.5 Punia above the rear border of the scalp.In this area are located branch of the occipital artery and the posterior branch of the cervical nerve.

point used for laryngitis, nasal congestion, smell disorders, neurasthenia, stuttering, eye diseases.

11.20 - Feng-chi ( "Wind-pond").The point is located in the cavity between the places of attachment sternoclavicular-mastoid and trapezius muscles at the top of the occipital triangle.It refers to the total action points.

Used in the treatment of many diseases, including brain, eye, ear, in neurasthenia, emotional lability, hypertension, neuro dystonia.The point part of the neck area, and consequently influences the cerebral circulation.

13 C - Yes chzhuy ( "Big bell").The point is located in the recess under the spinous process of the 7th cervical vertebra (the most protruding vertebra at the base of the neck and can be seen well even in obese people).It refers to the total action points.At this point, there are branches of the bifurcation transverse cervical artery and the posterior branch of the cervical nerve.

Massaging point is also shown in feverish conditions, diseases of the spine and spinal cord.The point of intersection is the location of meridians Yang, has a sedative (soothing) effect, is used in the neuroses, diseases of the lungs, headache (primarily of vascular origin), vertigo.It has antipyretic, tonic effect.

For headaches in the field occiput massage often helps as an active little fingers rubbing and massage of the sacral spine, which can produce both hands, and using different massazhory.May use hot compress to the back of the neck and head.

Pain in the crown

As in the previous case, it is advisable to point promassirovat 2A (Hye-gu) [397].Furthermore it is expedient to massage the following points:

7.7 - Tun-Tian ( "Heaven Passage").Point is located on the head 4 cun above the front edge and the hairy part 1.5 cun away from the midline.The location of the point corresponding to the parietal bone, medially from the parietal tuber;This place is a network of anastomoses superficial temporal and occipital artery and branches of the big occipital nerve.

point is used in the treatment of nasal congestion, nosebleeds, chronic bronchitis, trigeminal neuralgia, neuritis of the facial nerve.

13.20 - Bai Hui ( "Meeting hundred yang", or "a hundred times collector").The point is located at the intersection of the middle line of the head and the line connecting

tops of ears.It refers to the total action points.The point is in the center of the sagittal suture, which is part of the tendon helmet head, under which is a network of anastomoses superficial scalp arteries.

point used in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica cervical, cervical degenerative disc disease, cerebral vascular insufficiency, neurasthenia, asthenic conditions, epilepsy, impotence, nocturnal enuresis, climacteric neurosis, neuro dystonia of hypertensive type.

13,21 - Hou-din ( "Rear head hill").The point is located at 1.5 cun posterior to the point of Bau-hui {13.20) along the median line of the head.The point is also located on the tendon helmet head.

points used in the treatment of vertigo, migraine, epilepsy, neuritis great occipital nerve.As the treatment of pain in the neck, makes the lumbar spine massage.