Fat cells

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Fat cells are by nature not thick.They resist the accumulation of excess fat, because it focused on a genetically inherent ideal weight.

So all those affected by the problem of excess weight, need to understand the processes occurring in them.Then

diet you do not have to starve yourself all over refuse.You can even allow yourself to some sins, if you continue to saturate the body with plenty of water.


Lack of water - one of the major health problems that occur in the elderly.Unfortunately, the symptoms are often overlooked.In practice, they are very easy to notice: urine should be clear and transparent.A more intense color of urine often indicates a lack of fluid in the body.

Stability fat cells

When the fat molecules are not removed from the cells, they are quite calm.Meanwhile, the blood gives them new triglycerides, which are broken down by enzymes.Then the components are deposited triglyceride in fat cells.

But if run at full capacity metabolism, fat molecules are very quickly w

ithdrawn from the cells and converted into energy.

Then the metabolism in the cells of adipose tissue becomes active.Cleavage of fat takes up to 4000 times faster than the accumulation of fat.With the accumulation of fat in the "fat depots" nature can not be in a hurry.But, with the help of additional energy to accelerate the process of metabolism and resist stress in bulk, should hurry.

molecules secreted in times of stress (adrenaline and glucagon), take care of that in stressful situations in readiness is sufficient amount of material that is easily processed into energy.Thus, one molecule of glucagon in liver is able to release 100 millionov glucose molecules for a few seconds.The same is true with the release of fat molecules from the adipose tissue of the abdomen.

As a result, fat cells for a few seconds service synthesizes billions of molecules, so-called cAMP (cyclic adenozinmonofo-SFAT).These molecules rob the cells of an enormous weight of triglycerides.

This mechanism works only when a large amount of water in the fat cells, because the cleavage occurs in the fat-vodoso inner holding portion.