Water in fat cells

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Each adipose cell with excess fat in the human body, overweight, contains up to 12 percent water.Without it, the cell would be only a "pouch" for fat deposition, which is impossible to reach.

breakdown of fat - a biochemical process in which "pumped" fat molecules from the cell into the blood stream and it is sent on.Water-containing inner part of the fat cells are rich in nutrients, ions (charged particles, atoms), soluble proteins, enzymes, etc.

Here, in this particular active metabolic atmosphere, is the secret of a slim figure:. Water in the cells ensures the breakdown of fat and disposalof excess weight.

People who are overweight and obese, usually there is a lack of cellular fluid.As a result, the process of metabolism in the cells is attenuated.But what

much worse: their fat cells are almost dying of thirst.Instead of the 12 percent of the water in which there are only 3-4 per cent, and sometimes even less!This makes it impossible lipolysis in terms of biochemistry.Fat deposits on the abdo

men and hips remain intact, no matter how hard and how long a person is starving.

So, when a person absorbs fat from the heart salted pork roast, the sodium salt pulls out of fat cells remains of the liquid.The cells lose their catalytic exchange of water pollutants.At the same time, it moves them more pork fat and gravy.

Of course, people in this situation can not lose weight!

That is the main problem of all people who are overweight.It is the basis of a new, inspiring hope of a program developed by the researchers.

None of the existing courses slimming or starvation, none of the existing diets are not able to make a person really slim and help him save the result achieved for a long time.Fat cells need to constantly supply the cell fluid to start the microscopic

«motors», part of the mechanism of fat burning, and begin output triglycerides outside of the membrane.

If the cells enough moisture, fat melt away by themselves.With proper diet, active movement and management of the town almost every for 11 - 12 months, is able to restore its genetically inherent ideal weight.

A few weeks later some noticeable results.


Even those who do not constantly reaching for the salt shaker, in most cases the salt overload your body.Almost all foods have a "hidden" excess salt, not only in the sausage and cheese.Mostly at risk are fast food and canned food.

This original principle of therapy to get rid of excess weight, has been developed on the basis of current research and high-tech devices.It is able to replace the outdated methods of weight loss.Here the main postulate pumped water into the cells, especially in fat.This process takes 2-4 days, and gives the start dale

gozhdannomu breakdown of fat.What should pay attention to?Everything is very simple.

is important to ensure that the food contained a lot of fluids.The diet should be a lot of fruit, salads, vegetables, plant food, not heat-treated.This is true both for the first breakfast and for light snacks throughout the day as well as lunch and dinner.

best to avoid salt altogether or use it very sparingly.

necessary to move more often to rest and relax, and a lot of sleep.Very simple advice: grow thin while you sleep!