Treatment of anemia ( anemia )

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Treatment Of Milk

What is anemia ?The disease is caused by a decrease in red blood cells in the blood and decrease in hemoglobin.Suffering anemia is easy to recognize by their appearance: the skin of a man pale, hair is usually fragile and often drop out, broken nails.Anemia patients complain of fatigue, they are often plagued by headaches, dizziness, and even fainting, flickering flies in front of the eyes, in severe cases sometimes have difficulty breathing and swallowing.Sometimes y anemic patients have strange eating habits: a desire to have lime, chalk or acute, highly salted foods.Sometimes develops a sharp muscle weakness.

The causes of anemia are very diverse: anemia can result from blood loss (eg, in wounds, nasal, lung, stomach, hemorrhoids, uterine and other bleedings), poor nutrition or a lack of dietary vitamins, as well as in violation of hematopoiesis process.Anemia may also develop in some infectious or chronic diseases (tuberculosis, dysentery, etc..), And for poisoning by mushrooms, drugs and poisons.B

ut the most common anemia associated g iron deficiency and vitamin B12.In addition to the symptoms typical of all types of anemia, while a there are specific symptoms: burning sensation in the mouth and on the tongue, diarrhea, and in severe cases of patients affected and the nervous system - gait becomes shaky and uncertain, there is a sensation Run Games tingling on the skin.

The forms of anemia associated with increased destruction of red blood cells, which are usually accompanied by a jaundiced color of the skin, making them often confused with a variety of liver diseases.

much rarer anemia due to lack of folic acid in the body.Anemia often develops in elderly people suffering from a violation of functions of the stomach, as well as some parasitic diseases, sometimes during pregnancy.

anemia patients need to develop a rational mode of work and rest (that is, do not overload the body work).Meals need to adjust so as to obtain as much animal protein as possible (up to 120 grams per day) and vitamins, along with vegetables and fruits.But you need to limit fat - only 40 grams per day.

Do not forget that in the milk are 12 kinds of vitamins, including vitamin B complex, which means that the milk diet is useful for patients with anemia.Animal protein found in dairy products, is perfectly absorbed by the body, and the presence of iron in the curd, yogurt, whey, sour cream will help to fill the deficit in the body and increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

First of all we must try to eliminate the causes that led to the appearance of anemia.If the anemia is associated with severe blood loss, should be to stop the bleeding.In case of shortage in the body of vitamins and iron necessary to adjust the power correctly.With anemia with malnutrition is easy to handle, moving the patient to 5 meals foods rich in proteins and vitamins.Anemic patients particularly useful protein of animal origin.

If possible, drink more than cream, eat a lot of butter, liver, soaked in milk.Milk should be drunk in small sips, not gulp.Very useful pumpkin porridge with milk, and in general, all the vegetables and yellow fruits.

for a speedy recovery can recommend one proven means: true leaves of wild strawberry and thread the infusion instead of tea with milk and sugar.

Since patients with anemia often disrupted the process of hematopoiesis and blood in the body does not have time to be produced, anemia is often accompanied by low pressure characterized by fatigue, weakness, drowsiness, loss of appetite.Low pressure from anemia should be as much as possible to eat dairy products, especially yogurt and whey drink.From folk remedies helps the following: in a glass of milk, boil 2 - 3 cloves of finely chopped garlic, and drink this mixture of 1 tbsp.l.3 times a day.

Patients with anemia often suffer excruciating headaches.Lob in this moment becomes cold, pupils dilate, heart rate drops.Help improve the condition of the following steps: lay the patient on the bed to the head and feet were on the same level, tightly tie a handkerchief head, give the patient drink a strong coffee with milk, and half an hour later, when the pain subsides a bit, offer a glass of hot milk.

characteristic for anemia and fainting.In this case, bring the patient to consciousness and immediately give him to drink brandy with milk at a ratio of 1: 1.

Anemia can also be congenital.This is usually significantly longer in children: these children are paler than their peers, get tired faster, less play, suffer from sleep disorders, there have nosebleeds, fainting, hemoglobin in the blood have dropped.Doctors usually prescribe a special diet anemic children, which include beef, liver, nuts, vegetables, fruits and milk necessarily.Not bad from time to time to give the little patients prepared composition: whisk the egg yolks with 3 - 4 tbsp.l.sugar in a solid foam, mix with half a glass of warm milk and let's drink 2 times a day for half a cup of the mixture.Children are very fond of yogurt.More often include them in breakfast, especially yogurt with strawberries.

anemic children, we encourage you to give to drink warm milk, mixed with fresh raw eggs.At the 2 cups milk 1 egg take and shake well.The child should drink 1 cup of this mixture 3 times a day, which not only increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, but also helps to quickly gain the missing weight.

When anemia caused by frequent and heavy nosebleeds, as well as with other types of anemia, consume milk inside to replenish lack of vitamins.At the next bleeding from the nose of the patient is necessary to lay a little to throw his head back, and on the bridge of the nose to put soaked in cold water towel.To stop the bleeding - drip nose lemon juice mixed with fresh milk in a ratio of 1: 1.Lemon juice helps to narrow the blood vessels in the nose, and the milk will soften the effect of lemon.

often after being injured as a result of loss of blood, symptoms that indicate the presence of such a patient Anemia: when you try to get dizzy, dark eyes, possible fainting, pale skin is different.Together with therapeutic drugs recommended to give such patients sweet tea with milk, liquid milk porridge, chocolate.

very common iron deficiency anemia, in which appointed a special diet and iron supplements.They suffer it usually mainly women.The body of a healthy man per day loses about 1 milligram of iron - in the urine, then, with the lost hair.Physiological waste iron they are easily covered by iron contained in food.Another matter - a woman.Tip: no matter how much iron contained in food is absorbed into the body no more than 2 milligrams.Women than natural physiological expenses, and yet lose iron with menstrual blood.If heavy and prolonged menstruation, then by 35 -40 years of iron supply in the body can be fully exhausted.In addition, the fair sex is actively consumes iron during pregnancy and childbirth.You should know that the iron from plant foods is practically not absorbed, because the preference should be given to products such as meat, eggs, cottage cheese, whey, cheese, butter - they will become your source of easily assimilable iron and protein needed by the body for the formation of hemoglobin.

As restorative and increases the amount of hemoglobin in the blood means we can recommend anemia patients, both children and adults, the following composition.To prepare nutritious blend of medical need interior glass melted lard and 3 large sour apple.Apples, finely chop and add to the swine fat.All of this melt down over a slow fire, carefully taking care not to overheat.Then remove from heat peretoplennuyu mass, cool slightly and add the 4 egg yolks are well mixed with 2 tbsp.l.cocoa.The whole is once again mix well i.hranite in a glass container in the refrigerator.This medicine should be consumed 3 times per day during the next meal for 1 - 2 tsp..and be sure to drink hot boiled milk.

anemia as well to treatment with warm milk to which are added medicinal tincture of garlic on the lobules.One head of garlic, clean, cloves finely chop with a knife, add in a glass bowl and pour a glass of vodka.Close the lid or stopper dishes and leave the mixture for 20 days in a refrigerator.When the infusion is ready, add 2 hours. a glass of warm boiled cow's or goat's milk, and take 2 times a day before meals - morning and evening.This drug mixture, we recommend taking adults.It is especially useful for the elderly.

in the elderly nutrition anemic milk and dairy products should play an important role.To increase the level of protein and iron in the body is recommended every day to include in the diet of dairy dishes and food consumed in yogurt, sour cream, kefir, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese.You can use the recipes of traditional medicine: Mix a cup of yogurt and 1 tbsp.l.liquid honey (if the honey sugar, melt it in a water bath).Take this mixture 3 times a day - and soon you will feel relief.