Salt contributes to fullness

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Regular table salt is 39 percent sodium and 61 percent of the chlorine.They retain water, however, mostly sodium.

After a person eats salt, sodium is concentrated in the extracellular fluid in which the cells are located and from which they derive their nutrients.Then sodium seeks outside "suck" from the cell precious life-giving water.As a result, dry cells and slows down the metabolism, which allows to split fat.


dream - wonderful therapy aimed at weight reduction.The one who is more at rest, can afford much more transgressions in the diet than the one who suffers the stress and lack of sleep (at least 6 hours a day).Conclusion: asleep to become slimmer!

known that man, who survived a shipwreck and found himself in the open sea in a lifeboat, under any circumstances, should not drink the salty sea water.Contained in it will pull out of sodium chloride necessary for living cells moisture, and people die of thirst.

Salt increases the tension of the blood vessel walls, causing the blood vess

els constrict.A consequence of the reception of salty foods becomes reduced blood flow to the cells of the body, fewer nutrients enters the tissue.

Therefore, cells suffer from lack of water, vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and other nutrients.They can not disclose all the features of their metabolism.Accordingly, they require less "fuel" for energy - glucose or fat.

Thus, salt stimulates cells on a lazy existence.Instead of being active and in good shape, a person becomes sluggish, heavy-going, indifferent - and body mass increases.

as potassium water saturates the cells

As healthy human cells, the vacuole of plant cells by 90 percent water.

But due to evaporation plants lose a lot of moisture.Therefore, from morning to night, they take care of the influx of new cellular fluid to fill the financial gaps.Similarly, the same need for sufficient water and feel of human body cells.

potassium ions (atomic particles carrying charge) enter the cell, and they are followed by a small trickle of water.This phenomenon is called osmosis scientists: Potassium concentration in the cell is increased by 20 times, by the same inflow of liquid.

refuel cellular fluid, dissolving fat, very easy: in principle, once is enough to eat fruit or vegetables.


can greatly reduce the daily intake of salt, replacing it with hot spices.Then the food is not fresh.Pepper, paprika and horseradish - here are some natural spices that gave nature.