John Armstrong

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Mocheterapiya

book is written very briefly, but it contains much material that makes really believe in the healing effect of urine.First John Armstrong tested this tool on itself, and then cured thousands of people.His successes were striking.

The book says that Armstrong's parents were simple people.His father treated livestock, giving him his urine.This activity was his hobby, not a profession.Based on these memories, Armstrong describes a method of uric therapy for animals and birds.Then the experience of uric therapy Armstrong experienced firsthand.The first patient was himself.During the First World War, when the author was 34 years old, he was released from military service Commission of 4 doctors who recognized his tuberculosis.Doctors recommended the fresh air, sunshine and abundant nutritious diet.During the year, Armstrong gained weight 28 pounds.Eventually, he began to suffer from diabetes, had to switch to a completely different diet, so that began to hurt the teeth, mouth, and tongue swelled badly.In add

ition to these troubles it appeared insomnia, nervous irritability.

Eventually Armstrong felt very weak and sick.And then, one morning, the author recalled the text of Scripture. "Drink water from your own cistern"This text reminded him as a father his daughter cured of diphtheria three days, drink a girl her own urine.Came to mind, and even cases of diseases that have been cured in the same way.Armstrong was convinced that it is necessary to drink their urine to restore health.Armstrong fasted 45 days and only drink their urine and water from the tap.This is despite assurances by doctors that a person can not survive without food for more than 11 days.Also rubbed into the skin of urine (a very important factor in treatment).Finally, Armstrong breaks his fast by eating steak with blood, it caused a bout of wild hunger, he ate some time with caution.During this time he continued to drink his urine and at the same time noticed that it changes in temperature, quantity and taste, and so on. D. Almost total dependence on food, drink and the degree of physical activity.At the end of treatment, Armstrong felt really a new man.Weighed 140 pounds, was full of energy, she looked 25 years, ie. E. 11 years younger than his age then, and won the girl's skin.Armstrong wrote his book in 60 years, but he was perfectly healthy and looked much younger than his years.

Armstrong treated his patients by 40,000 and completely cured most of them.In his book he describes the cases of successful treatment of severe diseases such as gangrene, tuberculosis and cancer.