Cosmetic masks

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Treatment Of Milk

Everybody knows how useful and valuable food product is milk.Its healing properties are known too many.But this application is not limited to milk.Probably, there is no woman who would not know about the excellent cosmetic properties of this product.Nothing can be comparable to the effect of milk and dairy products on the skin.Therefore widely used various dairy mask that gently care for the skin, nourishing and moisturizing it.If on the eyes say they are "mirror of the soul", something about your skin, you can say that it is "the mirror of the body."

as the skin can be seen on the age and health of the woman.If you want to look young, take care of your skin, the more so because she is feminine, and therefore, as well as women, loves attention and care.

Cosmetic masks - one of the most affordable and effective ways to skin care.When used regularly, they can transform a woman.Whoever invented facials, women should put a monument.

mask deposited on the untreated skin or incorrectly selected, not only ca

n not provide the desired effect, but even harmful.Therefore, before starting to use the masks, carefully read the rules of their application and the person cleaning rules.Even if you do not use decorative cosmetics, you should still clean the skin and then apply a mask.Clean skin needs every day before going to sleep, whether you'll make a mask or not, because after a long day in the vacation needs not only the body but also the skin.

Before you apply the mask, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin from makeup, dust and day cream.You must first remove the decorative cosmetics, for which "melt" it with a small amount of cream or cosmetic milk.Cream when removing cosmetics do not need to be rubbed into the skin or drive.Dial a little cream on the fingertips and apply on your face with light movements of both hands.Then wipe the face with a cotton swab or cloth and treat mild lotion soap or alcohol.Once a week is recommended to massage the face and neck with a special round brush dipped in soapy water.Once the skin is cleaned and washed, you are ready to spray mask.But this process has its own tricks and rules.

mask should be applied to the entire face, leaving the skin around the eyes and eyelids intact.The skin in these areas is very delicate and irritable, so it should be spared.Better before applying the mask to lubricate the place around the eyes and eyelids with a thin layer of nutrient cream.Typically, the mask is applied for 15 - 20 minutes, then remove the cotton swab or cloth and rinse the skin with water.

Note that special care needs not only the face but also the neck.Care should start neck

from 24 - 26 years.Imposing a mask on your face, do not forget to put it on the neck.Time for something to mask soaked or dried, thus exerting influence on the skin, it is required not so much, so try to spend it lying down, relax all the muscles of the face and neck.In this situation, the action of the mask is particularly effective, and the skin will rest and recover.

It is very important to choose the mask that is appropriate for your skin type.Determine what type of your skin, and consider the impact on it you want to have.Then you need only select the mask in the appropriate section, correct it and cook gently apply.Each mask has its own action and in its effect on the skin.Some of them are particularly good effect on the look of your face.We wish to make the right choices and see in the mirror the expected result.