To be born again in 24 hours

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

important condition: the night before the start of the program, the last meal should be no later than 19 hours.The reason: in the coming "day of harmony" the stomach, intestines and metabolism should not be overloaded with elements lipogenetic products.

However, after 19 hours you can drink.Ideal: fruit juice, mineral water, plain water, herbal tea, milk.How can less alcohol, no savory vegetable juices.

Getting up in the morning, just visit the toilet, and then stand on the scale (preferably naked).Record your weight, and pay attention not only to the brightest and most visible division denoting kilograms.Weight changes as possible to fix up to one hundred grams.

1 banana cut into small pieces, 1 kiwi fruit or 1 medium apple or 1 pear finely chopped, 1 handful of grapes or berries in season, 1 tablespoon sunflower seeds or 1 tablespoon lodges

ka sesame seeds, 1 teaspoon of raisins, 2 tablespoonsyogurt, kefir or yogurt.All components mix in a salad bowl and serve.


He who does not eat b

reakfast, do not lose weight, but just to be in a bad mood.A bit of fresh fruit or yogurt will make energetic start to the day, also run on full power metabolism.

The first breakfast will be redesigned stomach and small intestine within 20-30 minutes.He immediately furnish the body's cells with nutrients, such as vitamins, trace elements, minerals.But first and foremost it will provide a body of nearly 200 grams of moisture.

first rush of freshness stimulates tissue cell activity significantly activated, and significantly increased energy production.The energy now processed exclusively glucose - the smallest unit of carbohydrates.Until all the fat is not reached.

Glucose - the only "fuel" for the nerve cells and brain cells.Therefore, a fruit breakfast enhances mental performance.After about 45 minutes almost all the biologically active substances of the first light breakfast will be assimilated by the body.And you begin to bother slight hunger.After the first "compulsory" breakfast can indulge in a lunch, a familiar and beloved.

When eating and drinking - the same

There are products which can not be said with certainty, eat them or drink.

These include, for example, juicy watermelon, which is 95 percent water, which held the finest fibers and cells.

have the same properties juicy kiwi, pears, grapes, berries, oranges, grapefruits, lemons, nectarines, tangerines, and other fruits.

These natural products - a gift of nature, the best weight loss tool.They are low in sodium and high in potassium.And they perfectly satisfy hunger, at least briefly.

body's cells become saturated with fluid and anti-aging, metabolism becomes intense.Cells burn glucose and fat molecules, converting them into energy.

So simple weight loss process is carried out using a new formula of harmony - water.And with the help of nature that gave the moisture-rich fruit varieties.

can now drink tea or coffee, even with cream and sugar.The advantage of the new "slimming formula" is just that you can afford to small excesses in food, such as chocolate candy or a slice of cake.

And a sandwich with butter, low-fat cottage cheese, cold roast meat or roast beef.From above it is desirable to put slices of cucumber or tomato, horseradish, lettuce leaf.You can still eat eggs, seasoned with paprika, pepper and cumin.Only no salty cheese and ham!

In the hours before and after dinner you can schedule intermediate meals.The following options are available: 1 cup low-fat cottage cheese can be an apple or

carrots 1 cup milk with honey

1/2 avocado, seasoned with lemon juice 1 cup bioyoghurt with pieces of fruit 1 glass of apple, pear or plum compote 1 orange, nectarine or1 tangerine fresh figs

1 cup milk-rice dessert.

motto "More than foods with a high liquid content!" Is particularly important for lunch.Salts as well as before, should be avoided.Here are some options: Carbohydrates: jacket potatoes (cooking without salt)

Proteins: from 70 to 80 g lean fish, chicken (without skin) or tofu, spices instead of salt to season water, vitamins, minerals, select any of the vegetablesthe following: spinach, broccoli, fodder beet, leek, fennel.Quickly boil it, pour broth, it is necessary to drink.

perfect dinner - it is a beautiful and bright dish of finely chopped fresh seasonal vegetables, seasoned with vinegar, oil and lemon juice.You can supplement it with crabs, trout fillet, sliced ​​tuna, lean meat chicken, slices of cold roast or roast beef, diced tofu, etc.


Horseradish, prepared in different ways, give the original sharpness of dishes.Horseradish is a very soft (horseradish cream), and the most acute (fresh grated root).Try and experiment according to your taste.

during the day to quench the thirst recommended small amount of water, mineral water, tea, milk or fruit juice.The total volume of 1.0-1.5 liter

depending on the individual needs of the fluid.

Coffee is better to drink in the afternoon and evening.Of course, only if you are well able to carry caffeine and then sleep.After dinner, you can drink a little beer, wine or a wine cocktail.

This accelerated 24-hour course ends.Fruits, vegetables and raw food without heat treatment entered into your cells and tissues in at least half of the liquid, they are able to accept.As a result, your metabolism throughout the day proceeded actively and will also actively proceed overnight.

Since consumption of salt on this day was practically zero, excess fluid was removed from the extracellular space.And all this thanks to the high potassium content in the food.


Anyone who wants to sleep well, do not dine much later than 19 hours.Postprandial body takes time for digestion and regeneration.

In the first hours of the night a constant stream of liquid begins to flow through the intestinal mucosa and in

blood directly to the cells of the body.Then sleep will be deep and strong.

Exclude move towards obesity

Answer the questions and put down the crosses ( "yes", "no") in the right circled

Yes No

first thing in the morning, as the previous day, visit the toilet, then immediatelysame stand on the scales without clothes better, to track changes in weight objectively.Read the scales as accurately as possible.If in the past day you have lost more than 200 grams, you can celebrate.The process of splitting fat runs perfectly, he started and accelerated to high speed.It does not matter that in the past day you lose mostly water and glucose.To further reduce body fat with the help of water is recommended to follow these weight loss programs.

carry out an assessment of responses to the questionnaire with a.53-54.The test makes sense only if the answers are honest.

One to two "yes»

If yes to just one or two questions considered that until the established path of movement of fat through the intestine and the liver directly into the fat cells.And yet you want to lose weight?Then you need to completely give up meat, sausages, fatty cheese, etc.

from three to five answers "Yes»

When three - five positive responses, you can probably go back to your ideal weight during the course of expectancy.Try to move more and to give enough time for sleep.You can afford a piece of chocolate cake and cream.And it is not necessary to cut the fat layer of delicious fried steak, seasoned with a sufficient amount of greenery.

Six to eight answers, "Yes»

At six - eight positive responses to the questionnaire consider that the experiment was a success.Already after 6-8 weeks of floor scales arrow will start to bring you more joy with each passing day.just do not give up now!

From nine to ten answers' Yes ​​»

When more than nine crosses in the column of positive responses, then in a few months will change the size of your clothes and your favorite fashion items in the stores, you can choose to smaller dimensions stands.Keep saturated with water of 70 billion cells and try to completely abandon the overly salty foods.

true weight of the body is largely related to psychology.Some fat people feel just fine.And some, on the contrary, oppress even 2 kilos.