One week of relaxation slimming

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Trying to uncover the secrets of nature with the latest technology, scientists are finding more and more interesting facts.One of the most important discoveries sometimes eat and drink - really the same thing.

For example, a thick and tasty pumpkin soup - it is eaten or drunk?And what about the juicy slice of watermelon?After all, he is 95 percent water, which is held in the subtlest interweaving fibers.Of course, here the boundaries between food and drink are erased.

parasympathetic parts of the nervous system burns fat

From Stress constricts blood vessels.Blood pressure rises, it activates the heart and blood circulation, increases concentration, and the activity of the gastrointestinal tract slows down (in the same way as libido, stress - an enemy of sex).

Implementing fluid cells and thereby activate the fat burning in the body - the task of the parasympathetic division of the nervous system.But the autonomic nervous system carries the opposite effect: blood vessels dilate.Blood pressure decreas

es, decreases the activity of the heart, the pulse becomes less frequent, decreased ability to concentrate.But activated activity of the gastrointestinal tract, and blood flows can rapidly deliver cells nutrients and water.

Thus the regeneration of cells is carried out, they are filled with life-giving moisture.It is in this lies the secret of the parasympathetic division of the nervous system.In addition, this phenomenon explains why, after rest and sleep all look so rested and rejuvenated.

Stress literally robs the cells with the energy of mostly recycled glucose.fat reserves are left intact.The body and mind are in a state of increased activity, but this can not be said about the metabolism.

But in the rest the opposite occurs: 70 billion cells undergoing active miracle of rejuvenation.They rush the healing liquid, it brings with vitamins, protein and other nutrients.The only condition of the whole process is a diet rich in water and contains a lot of potassium.This element makes the cells more energetic, stimulates the metabolism and is the best natural remedy for burning fat.

Another recent discovery Cytology: peace and relaxation are just as important to the human body such as proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and water.


you need for yourself to make an important decision regarding their own lifestyle: the one who is constantly "live", you should not expect that the body switches to phase relaxation itself.And relaxation is one of the main conditions for a successful fight against overweight.

only in a relaxed state ensures optimal delivery of nutrients and bioactive substances through the maze of blood vessels into cells.

reason for this lies in the internal mechanism, which is incorporated by nature and switches to the internal state of stress at the state of rest.As a result, significant changes occur body.Which it depends on the phase in which the person is: stress in the hard phase, or vice versa, in the relaxation phase.

system, leading stress, the researchers called the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system, the system responsible for relaxation - parasympathetic autonomic nervous system.

parasympathetic autonomic nervous system, which leads to a state of inner peace, has an enormous role in the release of fat molecules.

Council from time to time indulge himself a little vacation, spend it at rest.Keep a daily dream lasted without interruption for at least 8 hours.

Anyone who really wants to get rid of extra fat for 11-12 months, should not only significantly increase the number of products with a high liquid content in the diet, but also to take care of the additional rest time, relax or sleep during the day.Scientists say that a day a person must be at least 8-9 hours of sleep.