The essence of uric therapy

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Mocheterapiya

Urine - a product of the human excretory system, its chemical composition and biological components of the complex.Kidneys - the most important body responsible for the "production" of urine.However, the chemicals found in urine are allocated in different parts of the body and are important in themselves.

chemical composition of urine.According Biochemistry, 100 cm3 of normal human urine contains:

Number of Components in milligrams

1. Urea N (nitrogen) 682.00

2. Urea 1459.00

3. Creatine N 36.00

4. Creatine 97.20

5. Uricacid N 12.00

6. Uric acid 36.00

7. amin N 9.7

8. Ammonia N 57.00

9. Sodium 212.00

10. Potassium 137.00

11. Calcium 19.50

12. Magnesium 11.30

13. Chloride 334.00

14. General sulfates 91.00

15. Inorganic sulfates 83.00

16. Inorganic phosphates 127.00

17. acid with N / 10 27.89

18. pH 6.40

urine should be remembered that this table is fickleand the content of urine components in different people are different, and in individuals depends on the time.If a

person is sick and taking medication, changing the composition of urine.This helps physicians in the diagnosis of disease.If you use a lot of spices, especially red peppers, the urine causes irritation.People who take a multivitamin, have reddish urine.For those who take a lot of sugar, it can be detected in the urine, although this does not mean that these people are diabetics.Changing the time, the effect on the color and the amount of urine.In summer it is dark and it is less.Winter allocated more urine hence urine composition depends on many external factors.

There are many arguments both for and against the use of urine therapy.However, a number of views "for" and "against" often develop without a rational basis, and without reference to reality.We human beings have a tendency likely to believe what we want to believe, what to believe in the truth.Maybe we experience the influence of friends or advertising.We remain committed to our views, protecting them until the end.If we want to expose the value of uric therapy, scientific analysis, we need to collect all the "pros" and "against" the use of urine, then we need to correlate all these facts, weighing all the "pros" and "cons", and then select a possible way of theorizing and ofexperiments.

Now we need to consider two aspects of the mind and influence of diet on the urine and its composition.For example, we know that our state of mind affects the neuro-endocrine balance.When we worry, we will generate a large amount of the adrenal hormones and thus, the urine is released more adrenaline.Similarly, when we are excited, we generate a large amount of natural hormone (thyroid hormone) and, therefore, is found in the urine of more of this hormone.

The researchers argue that the mind is an important factor in our life that determines our every action, every thought, and hence lifestyle.Thus, we need to determine the influence of the mind in the urine therapy based on two criteria:

1) the influence of the mind on the body, as a result, the composition of the urine;

2) the role of the mind in healing, t. E. The healing by faith.

mind affects the body and change the components of the urine.Various aspects of the mind - calm, agitated, neurotic, psihostenichesky, and various aspects of consciousness must have an effect on the body and, thus, on the relationship and the nature of the substances released in the urine.

Equally important is the use of urine during the diet.It is necessary to adhere to a strict vegetarian diet.This means refraining from all dairy products, and meat and other animal products.This rule is especially important in long-term treatment with periodic fasts, and in those cases where a large amount of urine is consumed.