Short sleep for weight loss

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Trouble I am sleeping?No time to rest phases?Learn to switch from stress to relaxation as do the animals in the wild.

It is important to remember the following: if you sleep, take a nap or relax a little bit, you spur metabolism and increase performance.Even a few minutes can change a lot.Sleep, nap, relax - the actions necessary for the natural fat burning.He who sleeps little and indulge yourself relaxing, greatly complicates the process of losing weight.

evening is to abandon the protein-rich foods such as fish or meat.It is better to eat something containing a lot of carbohydrates, slightly sweetened.Here are some tasty dishes for the evening:

Figure on

milk Semolina porridge with sugar and cinnamon

donut with marmalade

pancakes with powdered sugar and maple syrup

Hot banana milk with honey

Sandwiches with butter and jam

Hot apple or cheese strudel with vanilla sauce

Baked plums, sprinkled with crumbs of dough.

Delicious pastry dish for dinner is ideally suited to the new eating hab

its and lifestyle.Enjoy these pleasant features of the new course, which will help you lose weight!

Within 20-30 minutes after taking food pancreas insulin released into the blood.It participates in the formation of tissue hormone in glucose enters the cells (the smallest unit of carbohydrate).

Supply glucose improves when insulin dilates blood vessels.As a result, more blood enters and nutrients to the cells.Now, the switch is triggered with the waking to sleep: in the extended arteries and veins flows more blood, blood pressure goes down, a person is immersed in a healing sleep.

Within 70 minutes after a person falls asleep, the pituitary gland (a gland the size of a cherry stone) produces a significant amount of growth hormone, which releases triglycerides from fat cells.

then the remaining cells are processed this raw material into energy, which is a prerequisite for the rejuvenation and renewal of tissues.

Due to growth hormone all the animals in the wild, as well as the children wake up in the morning full of energy.

Many people during the day is not the time to relax.But even 20 minutes is enough to regain strength, relieve tension, activate the parasympathetic division of the nervous system and accelerate fat digestion process.

Researchers processes at the cellular level recommended most often chosen to nature, at least in the nearby park.On 20 minutes, immersed in himself and observe how the wind rustles the treetops.Or with closed eyes listen as babbling brook and the birds sing.Or just look like floating on clouds sky.During these brief moments the blood vessels to dilate, increasing the flow of nutrients to the cells.


Some call it "meditation", others - simply "a little nap."But understand that the human body needed a break.20-minute break perfectly relieves stress and enhances lipolysis.

Relaxation activates metabolism.Now the tissues need more energy, and its production cells start burning glucose first, and then the fat molecules.As a result, they begin to melt body fat.

Most people owe their overweight interim meals that are not able to drop in during the day.It is not pork roast with dumplings spoils the figure, and all sorts of nuts and chips, which are absorbed in between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Intermediate snacks - the main enemies of harmony, the researchers came to these conclusions."One chocolate wafer - not too big sin" - many people think.Or: "What will happen to me on one or two slices of pizza?" Or: "I like to feast on anything, sitting in front of the TV in the evening.After all, I did not even eat anything sweet, a maximum of one bag of chips or pretzels. "

absolute favorite among the dishes that snack during the day, are the products takes away the cells the precious liquid, necessary for metabolism.Sweets (along with animal fats) have long been known as the main reason for the increase of body fat, so the fans to chew and chew on something delicious switch to salty.But salty food contributes to the accumulation of fat is much greater.It enhances the influx of fat molecules in the fat tissue in the abdomen and thighs.There are two reasons for this phenomenon:

salt retains water, it takes away from the cells in salty foods usually contain a lot of fat.

Following a 7-day program, it is important to observe a simple rule: do not eat anything from industrial packaging.Try to resist the temptations that have prepared confectionaries.Remember: sugar become dependent!So it is better to avoid cakes and chocolate bars.

to snack during the day, suit small handful of nuts, peach, banana, half an avocado, a handful of dried fruit, a couple of slices of melon, some grapes, orange, pear.These products are already in the process of production of chewing provide large amounts of gastric juice

.As a result, all the nutrients (water, vitamins and minerals) sucked from chyme fairly rapidly and then forwarded to the cells.

Crispy Chips bring the body much more harm than you expect.Instead of potato chips better take fruit or plain raisins.Neglect air rice, salted pistachios or salty crunchy biscuits.

Fruits are good for you and help satisfy hunger and create a feeling of fullness and successfully dissolve the fat, which is driven into your cells prior interim snacks.

Modern scholars claim that losing weight is not fasting, and with proper nutrition.It's obvious: if from breakfast to dinner, indulge in every excess piece to consume as little calories, cells expect that fell on hard times of famine: after eating so little!

I do now, then the fat cells hide its contents behind the seven locks will preserve it as a reserve in case of famine.As a result of slimming process becomes much more complicated or impossible.

really productive metabolize fat Only those body cells that receive enough nutrients.

Then in cell mitochondria (the tiny ovens that produce energy) will always do the necessary fuel - triglycerides.Just imagine, how much fat can burn 70 billion cells!

And let's go back to the basic rule: The food should contain as much liquid as possible.After a second by second metabolism fueled this natural compound, life-giving moisture, including electrolytes, protein and glucose.With this splitting the liquid fat accumulated in the body tissues, will enter into automatic mode.

lunch menu is better to make the following dishes: Carbohydrates: potatoes, maize, unprocessed rice,

pasta from wheat flour proteins: fish, lean meat, tofu (serving no more than 70-80 grams, not salt as much as possible, it is better to spiceherbs and spices) Vitamins and minerals: a salad, beans and all sorts of vegetables.


Fruits - these are the best pills for weight loss, in addition, created by nature itself.They contain many natural sweeteners (to be more delicious), but none of them contributes entirety.Surely you have not succumbed to the temptation to include in the diet more fruit?

food in canteens or in the nearest fast food is almost always too salty and contains enough nutrients.Most often it is overcooked, because it is literally squeezed all the juices, making it difficult to return to an ideal weight.

In the dining room is better to choose salads and dishes that have not undergone heat treatment.Or make vegetables with rice, potatoes or pasta without meat.At the same comfort themselves with the thought that clothing size is more important than a couple of minutes of gastronomic pleasures.

If later you wake up again and appetite will begin to disturb the feeling of hunger, then eat a banana.And since you are so wise to behave, choosing the dinner in the dining room, you can now easily afford a slice of cake with coffee.Not bad, right?

If you really ate lunch one salad in the evening at home better cook something: bit

cooked vegetables, steam potatoes, cooked in their skins with oil and herbs.Another good option - a thick pumpkin soup or fried vegetables with rice.

Once or twice a week for dinner, prepare diverse, richly flavored with herbs and spices fresh vegetables.And in the remaining days of the bulk of the meal should be vegetables, salad and vegetables.

useful to add his or her products from wheat flour, potatoes, raw rice, eggs and dairy products that are low in salt and fat.Here are a few tempting offers Evening:

Tomatoes stuffed with cream cheese with herbs, they

toast or crisp bread wholemeal Trout fillet with horseradish and a sandwich with butter tomatoes, seasoned mozzarella, vinegar and

vegetable oil Low-fat cottage cheeseseasonal fruits, honey and lemon

bread with cheese and peppers Bean salad, a little hot and sheep cheese rice salad with fennel Omelette with asparagus

Bread with cottage cheese and slices of cucumber, tomato or egg

bread from wheat flour with roast beef, oil and tomatoes

thick potato soup with vegetables Pancakes from wheat flour with curd and honey bread from a mixture of different varieties of flour with butter and slightly roasted steak (adding spices in minced meat, do not salt a lot).


Fasting is not recommended.Eating sensibly, after a while you learn to listen to your body.As soon as you feel hungry, eat better.But please, do not eat out of boredom, but only when experiencing hunger.

Many people like to drink a couple of glasses of beer or wine in the evening.They are starving all day long, eat a maximum of one salad and some lean meat turkey - and the evening begins!Three, four or five glasses of beer or a few glasses of wine.And then it gets into the body, and immediately a huge amount of calories.The body immediately constricts blood vessels,

to withstand hit him hell.Fat Burning?Maybe tomorrow it will start again.

If you do not go beyond a reasonable, can be from time to time in the evenings to allow yourself to drink up to 1 liter of beer or 0.5 liters of wine.