The abundance of herbs and spices

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

rule to be followed is as follows: from now on a month to rebuild your diet.It should only eat healthy food that contains a lot of liquid, the salt in the kitchen to push away and make jars with spices and herbs.

salt taste makes standard and unambiguous reduces it (especially when combined with fat) and leads to a common denominator commonplace.Eventually all of the products are identical to the taste.

True gourmets familiar with a stunning variety of taste nuances of spices and seasonings.Cooking with a variety of spices will enhance your on

knowledge in the field of flavors and fragrances.Each time you will discover something new flavors that seemed to have been forgotten.


In cooking, use herbs freshly picked, grown in a pot, frozen, dried - milled or chopped.As a rule, the fresh grass, the more intense the flavor and aroma.

course, it is reasonable to invest a certain amount in their "kitchen collection" and to enrich it with new spices and seasonings.They will provide substantial

assistance in the process of losing weight.Stew, flavored with a mixture of fragrant Mediterranean herbs, garlic or onions, the taste is wonderful.In addition, it promotes fat burning - in contrast to the typical salty goulash, which only enhances the deposition of fat in adipose tissue.

invite in full of adventure and discovery journey through the Garden of Eden of flavors, which will present a variety of conventional and exotic herbs: Basil bedrenets

Chives kupyr

smellage Marjoram Melissa Mint

Peppermint Oregano Parsley Artemisia Rosemary Dill Horseradish

summer savorySage Tarragon

They improve blood circulation and accelerate the circulation of blood.As a result, it provides better body cells of nutrients and water.Cellular activity increases, more fat is burned.Actives 0 (allicin, alkaloids, essential oils, etc.) and haematopoiesis enhance oxygen delivery to cells.In addition, the plant contains

RAT substances that prevent blood clots.Blood supply to the tissues is improved and the fat broken down faster.

If seasoning spices dishes without salt, then sooner or later you truly love vegetarian food, which is almost always an ally of lipolysis.

seductive world full of new aromas and flavors await you.You will be free from the dictates of common salt, and the food will taste better immediately.

Many herbs are easy to grow in the garden or on the balcony in containers.If there is no garden or balcony, you can use any window sill.Here, in a small drawer, there is a place for rosemary, parsley and dill.

offered a variety of spices, their bewitching fragrance: £ Anise Vanilla Clove Mustard Ginger

Cardamom Coriander Curry © © © Cinnamon Bay Leaf © Juniper Nutmeg Pepper Cumin © © © Chile Fennel Sage © Saffron.

Absolutely no salt succeed delicious if you use: Peanuts © Onion Paprika © Horseradish Garlic.

All these spices, herbs and roots connects one thing: the active substances they contain, originally intended for protection against insects, bacteria, fungi, parasite

comrade and other pathogens.So, getting into the stomach, they create an acidic environment that kills harmful microorganisms.


Many people like spicy food, and they are added to food too much salt and pepper.Original new ways: to add to dishes horseradish (not cream), fresh garlic and fresh hot onion.

As the first meal back is better to choose a small salad bowl of fruit.This required a set of products for breakfast, it may be at first seem burdensome.But after a few weeks you just can not imagine another morning menu.

Apricot Quince Pineapple Orange Banana Cranberry Grape

No other dish not give you early in the day so the amount of nutrients and enhance the inflow of liquid to the TCA

yum.Besides fruit easily create a variety of combinations to form unique flavor compositions.If in the morning do not have time to cook a breakfast of fruit, you can eat even a banana on the way to work.


Some people often drink onion juice, eat fresh onions and meals out of it - it is a very healthy food.Onion helps to eliminate excess fluid from the intercellular space and fills the cells with life-giving juices.

Favorite fruit cut into small pieces and mix or eat a bit of sugar with the following components: Peanuts Cereal Raisin Almond Nuts

sprouts Seeds Pistachio Nuts.

to dilute cereal suit different products: Yogurt Kefir

Concentrated milk Lemon juice Milk

Whey Sweet Sour cream Fruit juice.

Fruit breakfast can be attributed to the success of the first day: you really have benefited your body.It has already started to wake up ob-genes that help to become slimmer.Now it's time to think about the second, "real" breakfast.In addition to coffee or tea (with or without sugar) may allow virtually all.The only exception - salted foods (ham, pickles, sausages, pickled cheese, etc.)

Grandmothers say: before eating more soups than now.Perhaps that is why earlier it was less full of people.

Now the good old soup again in vogue.They help satisfy hunger, they contain proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, as well as precious unsaturated fatty acids.This man is not fattening.

Other soups are also very useful: Potato, tomato, vegetable, soup of celery or zucchini.Especially good pumpkin soup gorgeous red and yellow.One look is enough to see a healthy carotene, which can help our body to maintain a good shape and stay slim.


Vegetable soup is easy to prepare in just a few minutes.Boil all the vegetables (without salt), chop them using a blender or mash tolkushkoy, add a spoonful of sour cream, and the soup is ready.

beginning at noon is useful to eat a little salad, seasoned with vinegar, vegetable oil or lemon juice.

valerianella Lettuce Arugula

chicory Endive

Traditionally lunch is the basis for the second course: usually a piece of meat, fish or chicken.Beef goulash, chicken in sauce, meatballs, fish should be the basis of nutrition.However, they should be prepared with little or no salt.

Do not forget herbs and spices - friends slim figure.

Portions of meat and fish should be no more than 70 to 80 grams.

Vegetarians tofu instead of meat suit, in which the protein content is very high.Besides, spiced, it will be very good taste.

The main course is recommended to include side dishes containing carbohydrates and perfectly satisfies hunger: pasta (pasta, light meals or wholemeal flour), rice (raw) potatoes, millet, buckwheat.Lunch, providing harmony, should consist mainly of vegetables.

They supply the body with not only water, but also vitamins, minerals and trace elements.These gifts of nature inconspicuous as kohlrabi, beets and celery, probably do not look too tempting in the cart with the products.But later, being in the dinner plate, they reveal all the richness of its taste.

Semi-finished products, deep frozen products, and all fast food for microwave products

Minced meat Sausages

fried and boiled sausages

Foods high in Fat salt, ham

Smoked meats dishes, breaded and deep-fried

poultry skin

Chicken wings

Dense fatty sauces, gravies, mayonnaise Pork fat

Goose fat dishes light meal

White bread, sandwiches

cakes, rich chocolate cake, candy sweets

Chocolate bars, muesli bars dishes with cream Salted peanutsStraws and Chips, crunchy cookies Cola, lemonade

Liquor, sweet wine


Products produced industrially, often contain many additives that promote fullness.These include a large number of salt, fat (as flavor enhancer), and preservatives.

Artichokes Eggplant Cabbage Beans Broccoli

Brussels sprouts Kozelec Kohlrabi

Red Cabbage Carrots Radish Radish

Savoy cabbage Asparagus Cauliflower Garlic Lentils

Peas Onions

Leek Chard Dandelion Rhubarb Beetroot Celery Fennel

Horseradish Spinach

Watermelons Melons Corn Cucumbers Peppers Tomatoes Zucchini Pumpkin

These vegetables with high content of liquids are ideal for soups.How about a soup of cucumber and zucchini?Or soup of tomatoes and peppers?Do not limit your imagination!

Normal Weight promote snacking in between meals.Most often, this problem occurs just at those people who refuse to main meals, trying to reduce your excess weight.They forget that a cookie sweets and crunchy relentlessly driven into molecules of fat cells.

the human body need to phase sequence of hunger and appetite.As a result, animated by hormones, fat cells release triglycerides, which are then burned and converted into energy.So during the day snacks should not be too frequent, they do not provide you a permanent state of satiety.

Ideally recommended snack of fruit, dried fruit but also work, because they are more than 50 percent water.It is better to choose dried (containing sulfur), peaches, plums, apples, apricots, figs, pears, raisins, or a mixture thereof.

Dried fruits are often sold in practical package - it is convenient to carry in your bag.They remained still plenty of fluids, and stayed all the nutrients.So dried fruit - a real storehouse of vitamins, trace elements, minerals, carbohydrates and protein.They satisfy hunger great, although a little calories in them.

for dinner is recommended to use as many natural products as possible.In addition to fruits and vegetables such products are products from wholemeal flour, unprocessed rice, potatoes, eggs, milk, dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese, and low fat).