Methods of setting leeches

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cleansing The Body

If serious diseases leeches can put only an experienced doctor girudoterapevt.The procedure of setting with lung disease carries trained nurse.Self-production is permitted only in the simplest cases, and only after studying the patient's basic rules and techniques of this procedure.

In girudoterapii there are two methods of using medicinal leeches: aspiration (with bloodletting) and without it.The first method, in which a leech sucking the blood of the patient as much as it needs, and eliminates itself, applicable throughout the existence of hirudotherapy.The second method was developed in the XX.Professor A. Abuladze.Its basic principle is that the leech is removed from the skin of the patient at the beginning of sucking, with the result that the patient does not occur a large blood loss.

There are basic rules of behavior of the patient on the day of the session hirudotherapy.This day should not take a bath, and use hygiene products (soap, gel, perfume, creams and other substances with different scent

s, including cosmetics).Completely excluded intake of alcohol and nicotine.Leeches very sensitive to various odors, so when they become available, even in low concentrations stick to the skin.

On the day of the session should also avoid heavy physical work.

For the procedure to be cleaned rubbing alcohol, hot water (temperature to 45-55 ° C), oil cloth, and if necessary - sterile tray with medical sterile forceps and sterile cotton swabs.You will also need a towel, gauze or bandages to bandage which is imposed after the session.

Before proceeding to the formulation of leeches procedure itself, it is necessary to ensure their suitability.Firstly, it should be ascertained that the leeches are healthy.There are several special tests.

Most often enough to inspect the leech, particularly the skin.

unnatural (narrowed in some areas and expanded in others), the presence of nodularity on the skin, its sluggishness and laxity, the presence of sticky mucus, yellowish indicate various diseases.

But even if outwardly leech look quite healthy, not be amiss to make additional simple test - put it in a container of leeches hand.Healthy leech once it prisosutsya.If the leech in this case from time to time belches, it can not be used for treatment.

Another simple check of their condition is to place leeches in a container with plenty of water.Healthy individuals after 20-30 minutes, bearings in the new environment, start to climb the wall of the vessel.

Check motor reflexes can leech, taking her in his arms and gently squeezed his fingers.Health leech in a normal state will react to these actions compressed into a ball due to a strong contraction of the muscular sac.However, it is significantly reduced in size, and the body gets its elasticity and density.

next important stage of preparation for the procedure is the correct treatment of the patient's skin directly before a session.This is necessary in order to remove bacteria, eliminate residual odors and cause the blood flow to the skin surface.If necessary, the skin free of hair, t. E. Shave.

Land, which is supposed to put leeches, carefully wipe first swab dipped in alcohol, and then to kill the smell of alcohol - swab dipped in hot water.

also carefully wiped the place adjacent to this site.

Depending on what part of the body leech, the patient can sit (if mastoid behind the ears), recline or lie down.

the procedure time varies depending on the disease and the individual condition of the patient and ranges from 30 to 90 minutes.

Leeches are taken from the vessel with bare hands or with the help of special dishes (most tubes).In the first case, the fingers grip near the leech head part is moved to the place on the skin suction.In the second case it is first placed into the container by means of which setting occurs.

Earlier in the formulation of leeches used tweezers.However, this technique causes irritation in leeches and makes it impossible to properly consider them to assess the condition.

Recently, experts recommend to abandon the technology leeches movement and with his bare hands, as they are at the same time begin to squirm and nervous, and after landing on the skin for a long time on her crawl and may even refuse stick in the appropriate places.

Statement made in strict sequence.Every other individual is transferred to the body only after previous reliably sucked.

Once the leech sucked, she bites through the skin, and then begins to suck blood.At this moment the skin is in its head part begins to decline.

Once the required number of leeches put, is enclosed under them a thin layer of sterile cotton wool so that they could not stick to the skin sucker back.In some cases, the patient's skin in the place of leeches applied special "bait" for the leeches, often lightly sweetened with sugar water.

After saturation leech is usually eliminated from the body itself.At the same time, it removes as much blood as is required for the treatment.If a leech "falls asleep", ie. E. Stops sucking the blood and disappears on its back carried a cotton swab moistened with warm water to get her to suck on.In some cases, when it is necessary to do some bled, leeches removed before they will be filled.To do this, the back of leeches applied cotton wool soaked in a weak saline solution, alcohol or iodine, and it falls off.Detach leech tweezers or your fingers can not.

On leech bite wound is reminiscent of the Latin letter Y.She was not treated with disinfectants.When used correctly, the leeches are poorly wound bleed to 24 hours. However, it is not necessary to stop the blood from the wound, it takes quite a bit, often is lumpy.In addition, small blood loss after hirudotherapy session includes the stimulation of immunity mechanism and eliminate swelling.

To wound does not stain clothes and subjected to contamination, on it impose aseptic bandage.To do this, apply to the site of the bite a large piece of sterile cotton wool, which is then pribintovyvayut.After the bandage soaked with blood on it, without removing the old, impose new.

If you use more than 4 leeches, after the session the patient should be within 1 to 2 days of bed rest.In other cases, bed rest is not necessary, but the physical exertion for 24-48 hours should be avoided.

Although girudoterapiya is one of the most secure ways of treatment, after treatment various complications can arise.They are caused by a number of factors.Also people who are contraindicated for treatment with leeches, there are patients who have a special sensitivity of the skin, which is a result of such exposure may react different inflammatory processes (suppurations, boils, etc..).

In most cases, the complications caused by non-compliance with basic rules for the application of leeches, such as poor quality skin treatment before the procedure or failure to skin care after her, scratching the bite, the use of leeches patients, and failure mode after the session.

Often complications arise due to incorrect combination of hirudotherapy and receive a variety of drugs and physiotherapy.Even if production is carried leeches only 1 time, taking medication and physiotherapy can be carried out not earlier than 1-4 days.

After the procedure, the leeches are destroyed.Their secondary use is not allowed.

Nor previous 5-6 days to take shared bath.Otherwise, you can put in the unhealed wound infection.

In any case, the appointment of hirudotherapy session, the number of leeches, place them on the oversight body and the order, the timing of return to receive other medications and other procedures should only be installed by a qualified