How to use liquid

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Try to strictly adhere to the rules included in the program "Water - the formula of harmony."Then, a significant portion of water needed by the body receives the liquid that is contained in food.This is important especially for the elderly.

Spend a little experiment: buy a different dining room mineral water, try and compare.Surely you quickly determine your favorite flavors.

other necessary body water a person receives in the course of drinking.Depending on the conditions necessary to drink per day at least 1.5 liters of water.In certain cases, this amount should be increased:

Repeated or sweating Diarrhea

sport or physical activity Heat, excessive heat

too long stay in a dry room.

recommended to use high-quality drinking water from the tap.It is useful to install additional filters, although drinking water is taken from underground and surface sources of rivers, reservoirs, lakes, etc.under the strict control and carefully cleaned.

Table mineral water produced from an additional purified wate

r, artificially saturating minerals.

Spring water flows out of the ground, from the water-bearing layers of soil.It must comply with sanitary norms and regulations.

Medicinal water is extracted from underground reserves.Its composition depends on the composition of rock layers, in which the water occurs.Medicinal water is bottled directly at the source, decals on the label confirmed its authenticity.

should not drink distilled water that is condensed water vapor.Of course, there are no bacteria and parasites, but no more and no minerals.

scientific name of carbon dioxide - carbon dioxide, chemical formula - C02.Thus, the carbon dioxide molecules consist of two oxygen atoms and one carbon atom.

In nature, carbon dioxide contained in the water at a certain pressure, it turns into dry ice.

at enterprises producing soft drinks, carbon dioxide is supplied in metal cans or containers.She is saturated with lemonade and other beverages.

drink is recommended so that the urine stain is minimal.Intermittent light or intense yellow color may be due to the fact that on the eve of a person eating food with high content of carotene, such as beets.

Coffee, tea, beer or wine should not be included in the daily rate of drinking water.They contain substances (e.g., alcohol) to facilitate the rapid removal of the resulting fluids.

Drinking just over 0.5 liters of water, without experiencing an acute thirst, it is useless.The result will only be increased urge to urinate and stress in the body.Better 1.5 liters of water divided into small portions and drink them during the day.

body does not take coffee, black tea or alcohol as healthy full of liquid and quickly get rid of them.

drinks, ideal for quenching thirst, are herbal teas, fresh fruit juices or juice from tomatoes and other vegetables (preferably without salt).A milk - it's just a "water plus": 87 percent of the water contained therein are enriched with milk sugar, protein, fat, minerals and vitamins.

milk without problems balances the error in feeding associated with use of salty foods.In addition, milk strengthens the nervous system, it provides a lot of protein and calcium.The perfect way to have a snack - a banana and 0,5litra skim milk or buttermilk.