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August 12, 2017 17:50 | Mocheterapiya

1) once a day;

2) three times a day;

3) fasting.

You can change these proposals, for example, drink three or four cups a day.However, these basic rules and suggestions, developed from experience, you should stay for a guiding star.

Once a day

Use the middle portion of the first urine, discarding the first and last 10 ml.Others collect.The best time of reception from 3 to 4 o'clock in the morning.Before taking the urine, made his morning toilet, m. D. Clean the teeth and so on. D. Urine should be sipped like tea.

This should be done every morning, so that it becomes part of your daily routine.You can try to do it either for one or two weeks in connection with any disease, or indefinitely, to, as some have suggested, to achieve even better health.


For this program there are no restrictions on food, but the low-salt diet low in protein will make your urine is much more pleasant to the taste and the smell.

Three times a day

midstream urine taken:

1) the first urine of the day (preferably

from 3 to 4 o'clock in the morning);

2) in the afternoon or an hour after dinner;

3) an hour after dinner.


This form is more efficient and requires low salt diet low in protein.They say that the urine obtained an hour after eating, and contains more enzymes of the body substances.

Fasting Fasting in itself is a powerful tool in the fight against disease.The combination of receiving starvation is even more powerful tool, so this practice should be approached slowly and in stages.

1) Preparing for fasting, during which to accustom themselves to the urine, and feel ready for its reception in the period of fasting.

2) Predgolodanie: two days before the start of the non-fasting

necessary to reduce the amount of protein consumed and heavy food, especially fried and greasy.A large number of fruit and raw vegetables helps cleanse the intestines and make fast start easy and manageable.Furthermore, this period can also increase the amount of urine received.

3) Real starvation - it is only the reception of urine and water.No other food or liquid can not be taken.During fasting should not work, t. To. Complete rest contributes to the smooth process of purification.

Starting early in the morning, you should collect midstream urine and drink it.Then you need to drink pure water.As soon as the fasting and urine will be released very often, you can drink it completely.The last day of the urine should be discarded, so you can sleep well and relax, allowing the body to operate reduction processes.If at some point will be nausea, stop the practice for some time, until the nausea disappears, and then re-start it.

fasting duration depends on the type of disease being treated.Some enthusiasts argue that it is sometimes necessary to continue fasting for weeks under observation in order to achieve the desired results.They say that the urine eliminates the feeling of hunger, usually associated with starvation, and is credited with an alkaline reaction of the organism.Most likely, this is due to the impact on the brain centers of hunger and satiety.

During fasting as a therapist and practice should be closely monitored to ensure that everything runs smoothly.We must avoid the extremes, you must have a certain reserve of common sense.It is better to take a few short fasts for longer periods of time than one long fast, which requires a much higher voltage.Most of the authors strongly recommend the use of massage during fasting or old boiled urine.

4) Stage after fasting requires great caution in resuming a normal diet.At least for one week need to be very careful, gradually resuming and controlling all aspects of diet and habits.

The best way out of starvation - it is completely stop taking urine and water, preferably during dinner.An hour after that should drink a glass of orange or lemon juice, a glass of juice of black grapes or bean soup, lightly salted.At noon the next day, you can again drink grape juice or any other of the above.In the evening you can eat papaya or any other juicy fruit.

On the third day you can eat lentil soup, and in the evening - cooked vegetables with rice.Thus, gradually, you should restore your normal diet minus the old bad habits.