Treatment of bee honey ( bee products )

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cleansing The Body

Bee honey - product produced by honey bees (Apis mellifera) mainly from the nectar of flowering plants.

mature honey has the form of thick, transparent, lightly colored sweet aromatic liquid with a specific gravity 1,41-1,44.Mead attributed to the ancient property retain youth and vigor.

mathematician Pythagoras, about 580-500 years.BC.e.He claimed that he lived to a ripe old age, because I always use honey.

Roman physician Galen (200-130 gg. BC. E.) Is widely recommended honey in various diseases.

Avicenna 980-1037.I pointed out that if you want to preserve youthfulness, be sure to eat the honey.

Honey is used widely as an excellent preventative tool to enhance immunity, with frequent colds, anemia, neurosis, diseases of the liver, heart and kidneys.It stabilizes the nervous system.

Dosing for AM Ilyin, KA Kuzmin Honey - 1200 aloe leaf finely chopped - 1 cup olive oil - 100 g of birch buds - 25 of linden blossom - 10 g Water -2 cups.

Honey Melt in an enamel pan, not allowing to boil.Add to hone

y aloe and give simmer for 5-10 minutes, drain, squeeze.When honey is cool, pour into it an infusion of lime blossom and kidneys.Stir well.The mixture was poured into a dark bottle and add equally to each bottle of olive oil.Shake before use.Take 1 tbsp.l.3 times a day.

K 1 hour. L.add 2 tablespoons of honey.l.anise seeds and a pinch of salt.All of this pour 1 cup water and bring to a boil, then strain and cool.

Take 2 tbsp.l.every 2 hours.

finely ground leaves of plantain mixed with an equal amount of sugar or honey, insist in a warm place for 2 weeks.Take 1 tbsp.l.3 times a day for 20 minutes before a meal as a tonic and expectorant.

everywhere it is used for colds (as a diaphoretic) and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

honey In the latter case due to the high content of sugars and organic acids having the gastric mucosa of the intestines and the stimulus and thereby cause a mild laxative effect.

Thanks to the excellent digestibility of muscle cells honey for a long time and is widely used not only in pharmacology but also in sport, cosmetology, food industry (especially in baby food).

Depending on the mode and time of reception of honey it can increase or decrease the acidity of gastric juice.By reducing the acidity of gastric juice, honey facilitates healing process for gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, accompanied by high acidity.In these cases, medical or take the morning - 2 hours before a meal, or in the evening - after 2-3 hours after dinner, and in the form of heat Preheat a water bath or dissolved in warm water.

When treating patients with low acidity of gastric juice honey, on the contrary, take the form of a cold aqueous solution directly before the meal as it activates the secretion of gastric juice.

Besides the healing of damaged areas, honey lowers patients excitability of the nervous system, improves sleep, increases the weight, the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood, that is. E. A complex effect on the body.

Honey is widely used as a food and a remedy for exhaustion and weakening of the body.He not only provides energy, but also increases resistance to adverse environmental influences (viruses, infections, and so on. D.).Highly efficient use of honey in tuberculosis and other diseases that require increased power and a lot of vitamins.

Honey such patients are often recommended for use in combination with milk and a variety of animal fats (butter, goose fat, etc.) And aloe juice.

Bee honey is sometimes used as a nutrient enemas in combination with other medicines.

Honey also found application in diseases of the cardiovascular system as a means to strengthen the heart muscle.

combined with vegetable juices (carrot, beetroot), as well as lemon juice, tincture of herbs (eg, rose hips), it is recommended to patients suffering from hypertension.

Besides bracing, well-known soothing properties of honey.Therefore, it is often used in the treatment of

Numerous clinical observations suggest a favorable effect with soothing honey neurasthenia, insomnia.

Physicians documented the effectiveness of the use of honey in chorea (less fatigue and irritability, reduction and complete cessation of headaches, sleep recovery), diseases of the nervous system.It has a beneficial effect for bed-wetting in children.

The flu often take honey-garlic mixture (finely grated garlic mixed with honey) and take 1 tbsp.spoon, drinking warm water.

honey helps the treatment of patients with chronic sinusitis (inflammation of the intramedullary cavity of the upper jaw).In this case, after washing the maxillary cavity with sterile saline pure honey is administered using a syringe.

shown rinse solution of honey in combination with a decoction of dried chamomile flowers common with stomatitis and sore throat.

combined effects of honey in combination with medication has a positive effect on patients with dysentery.

very useful honey in the treatment of respiratory diseases, such as acute and chronic rhinitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, tracheitis, chronic pneumonia, bronchial asthma.Inhalation of 30% honey water solution in hospitals and other medical institutions is carried out by means of special-inhaler devices.

antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of honey are also used in urology for the treatment of urinary tract diseases, and gynecology (with coleitis and belyah, cervical erosion, etc.).Apply a honey solution in the form of compresses, baths, lotions, douches, and honey in its purest form.

known positive results of the use of honey for arthritis.Folk healers have honey for centuries used in pure form or in various mixtures with certain skin diseases (abscesses, scaly skin rashes, etc..).In recent years, scientific journals, there were reports about the successful action of honey ointment in the treatment of tuberculosis of the skin.

Honey is widely used in preventive and curative cosmetics to cleanse the skin and prevent wrinkles.In conjunction with the egg white and yolk, flour, glycerin, alcohol, lemon juice, cook a variety of masks: disinfectants, nourishes, softens and smoothes the skin of the face and hands.Good results

honey application (including in combination with other drugs) in ophthalmology achieved

in inflammation cornea (keratitis), corneal ulcers, lesions at various eyeball and other eye diseases.As in other cases, a positive effect is primarily associated with antimicrobial activity.Med often formulated into ointments or ophthalmic solution for use in irrigation of the mucous membranes of the eyes.

honey has long been used to treat external wounds, burns and ulcers.

destroying pathogenic microbes, honey, imposed on the wound at the same time increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage, which mechanically washed the wound and form the optimal best conditions for the regeneration of cells in the damaged area.Honey dressings are particularly effective in the treatment of poorly healing wounds and ulcers.

In recent decades, the pharmaceutical industry for the treatment of burns, festering for a long time healing wounds and trophic ulcers produces a lot of drugs, which include honey.In many cases, the treatment of wounds with honey or honey mixture is the only effective means of contributing to the restoration of damaged organs and tissues.