Water , with or without gas?

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Many are interested in, it is better to drink: clean drinking water or mineral water with gas.TU and other water can be recommended to use - they are good for health.Some people fear that the carbon dioxide in the body is too creates an acidic environment, and this would lead to clogging of its slag, and therefore the health complaints.This concern is groundless.Carbon dioxide contained in the mine

General water gets to the connective tissue, in which the accumulation of acids and toxins can occur.She quickly exhaled through the lungs.

For the majority of the most popular soft drink is still strongly carbonated mineral water.However, recently there has been a tendency to increase the consumption of mineral water with a low content of carbon dioxide.This is a sure indication that the people choosing drinks, seriously think about their health benefits.The new summer favorite - a fruit-based drinks sparkling mineral water: its mixture of apple and other juices.

Here are the main reasons for the enduring

love for mineral water:

She pleasantly tickles language and easily foams

She slightly sour taste, it is not as fresh as aerated

is a sense (of course, a false) that it quenches thirst bettercarbonated.

Many are even willing to put up with the mild regurgitation, which occurs after the use of mineral water in the mo ment

exhalation of carbonic acid gas.However, non-carbonated bottled water and slightly carbonated mineral water become fashionable drinks, they are increasingly being bought visitors restaurants.In addition, many under the mineral water was still realize high water content and foaming hissing carbon dioxide.

have different taste of water is as different chemical composition of the soil, which is water.Furthermore, it passes rock layers consisting of different minerals.

number of carbon dioxide varies depending on the type of mineral water, so each of them has its own unique taste.

addition to carbon dioxide, water taste mainly determined by the following three minerals: calcium (generally 0.5 gram per 1 liter), potassium and magnesium (usually from 10 to 100 milligrams per 1 liter of water).

decisive for determining the taste of water is the balance of minerals in it.Thus, mineral water with a high content of potassium dissolved therein also differ in taste since they present a different amount of calcium and other minerals.

addition to the healing waters with high sulfur content, there are also mineral water, rich in iron and iodine, as well as rich in magnesium and calcium.

Pay attention to the chemical composition of water indicated on the label, to understand the variety of minerals and make your choice consciously.

small clear plastic bottle filled with water, has become a hallmark for the people involved in sports, and conscious of healthy eating.Those who engaged in jogging in the morning, carry it in your hand or on your belt, women get it from handbags, in the office, it often stands next to the computer.

Such a bottle of water, of course, has certain advantages.Normal or mineral water quenches the thirst not only, but also hunger.Suddenly, an appetite is often the cause for which the absorption-no-be sweet.This is where you can help and saving a sip from the bottle - it even for a short time will drown out the feeling of hunger.