Moving , lose weight

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Any movement - it's stress.Every movement of your eyelid when you blink, even the movement of your fingers when you flip the switch and light the light - all mini

stress.As a result, any movement of the muscles takes and consumes energy.

The same thing happens at the time of mental stress: every thought is generated and transmitted within the brain cells.For this, too, we need energy.

Healthy movement has nothing to do with sports records.Do not be carried away by the bright and expensive sports equipment, which is bought by many.Just go for a walk, go for as long and as fast as you can.

to provide the body with energy to overcome the normal everyday stress, cells process glucose (the smallest unit of carbohydrate).All the time we drive a car, fill in a tax return, prepare, smooth surface, paint the fence, put the kids to bed, walking or working, sitting in front of a monitor, in the body flows metabolism and processed glucose.

brain and nervous system cells as an energy source is used almost only

one glucose.Only an increased and prolonged physical activity depletes its reserves entirely.Then the cells (the primarily

tively muscle) begin to process fat into energy molecules, which they take from the adipose tissue.That's why marathon runners are always so slender or lean.

© Active walks or hikes.And for this sport was no English word corresponding to the spirit of the times, - walking.You can take a stick and use them when walking, a sport known as nordic walking.

Morning jogging - the good old kind of charge, which still remains the most natural and healthy way to keep the body in good shape.Great burns fat!

Biking - a great way to travel.Even a short trip will be your weight loss mini-course.

especially useful hiking, and although the result may develop muscle, excess fat will be consumed rapidly.

very effective dance.Quick rhythm in combination with physical exercise stimulates the production of hormones that break down fat.

Playing tennis every week (1-2 hours) will bring you pleasure and will help get rid of excess fat.

winter wrap myself in a heavy warm clothes and walking in deep snow - of course, this is not an Olympic sport

, but in those who practice it, sweat and shortness of breath appears.Also recommended for long walks on skis.

brain too happy to work out, the most recommended chess or guessing riddles.It is for the brain a good workout.In addition, the human brain consumes a quarter of all the nutrients entering the body.

To become slimmer, to achieve an ideal weight, not necessarily every day to run 10-20 kilometers.What matters is that fats and carbohydrates, received the body with food, do not turn into fat.Therefore, physical activity is needed.If, instead of climbing the stairs on foot, you prefer to travel on an escalator, it will have to be reconstructed: the elevator and escalator recommended only go down.Try to walk more.The only permissible exception is the bicycle.

not need no gym, no own coach: just go for a run on their own, for example, on the stairs, along the river or in the surrounding mountains.

As a result of these measures is provided by processing glucose into energy and the associated activation of stress hormones.Then the fat cells tend to get rid of its contents.

If you want to provide substantial assistance to your body, get some kind of sport.This greatly accelerate the process of losing weight.