August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

According to statistics, today one in two suffers from overweight in the world.But a statistical study conducted among vegetarians, is encouraging: there is extra weight only every fortieth.Reason: vegetable food mainly promotes lipolysis and helps release fat and burn it.

This is not surprising: after all, nature is arranged in this way, millions of years ago - all living beings remain slim and healthy thanks to-eat fruit that give trees and shrubs.

Modern Cytology concluded that plants suffer its principle of maintaining harmony in animals and people who use them for food.

The basic principle is this: the cells properly supplied with water independently care about the active metabolism, which means that a significant energy production, the burning of glucose or fat.

All this exists in nature, to generation after generation to maintain good heredity, that from one generation to another were passed health and harmony.

means that everyone can remain or become slim because of a vegetarian diet.In orde

r for this mechanism to function smoothly, nature has the genes in the body harmony.Ltd. After 30 active genes, which are hidden in the chromosomes of the cell nucleus, nature controls the health and ideal weight.

fruits, salads and vegetables carry their own unique flavors in the pan, and then your plate.Try a little bit to strengthen them and to help diversify the seasonings, too vegetable origin, such as spices and herbs.This compares favorably with vegetarian food from meat, fish and poultry dishes, whose taste is expressed without a little salt.

real fans goulash and schnitzel first days of vegetarianism, of course, will hardly.On the second day he will want to indulge in meat cutlet.However, step by step, herbal products will reveal their secrets seductive.It has the taste of fennel fennel, spinach taste of spinach, kohlrabi kohlrabi tastes.

If a detailed analysis of the statistics, we can see that vegetarians are much less likely to suffer from obesity and other diseases of modern civilization than those who eat meat.Try a week of vegetarianism?Suddenly you rasprobuete vegetables and they will like you?

Sensitive taste buds on the mucous membrane of the tongue will be stronger and stronger to respond to the subtle flavors.

They seemed to remember the genetic origins of a healthy diet, razed to the ground many years of eating salty food and pereslaschennoy.

peoples, in a culture where vegetarianism is erected to the status of art (for example, Indians), are an example of what should be prepared from plants.

most ordinary village market in India, in addition to a variety of vegetables paradise, offers even tens or even hundreds of fragrant spices, herbs or mixtures thereof (the original flavors and aromas).