How to spoil the vision

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Yoga For The Eyes

vision problems in modern conditions directly abuts the problems of school education.As long as dozens of generations of people in childhood forcibly taught in schools, and so, apparently, it will continue in the future, it is clear that the school, injuring the child's mind and cultivating in children nervous tension, are a hotbed of psychic microbe, which spoilsvision of humanity.Let us discuss this topic in more detail as it deserves.

in kindergarten and the first grade of school the child goes with radiant with happiness face and sparkling eyes.But in the second and third grade he began to languish lessons and time seemed to him infinitely stretchy, and after the fourth-fifth grade children optometrist already tries to put on a child's glasses and all sorts of intimidation urges parents to agree with him.And then the mountain of their child if they will convince themselves.So what happened with the eyes of a child from the time he went to school?

Before school child could have keen eyesight and cou

ld not have it, and it was he did not care.Ask him who ever: "Can you see the kite" - he could look up and say "yes" or "no."Whatever the result, he was not worried: so it did not matter for his entertainment.But that did not matter in the game, it has become an important school.And the child felt the pressure, coercion to a good school.So he began a very hard stare at the board.A compelling in itself causes eye strain.If more and the board is in a place that gives you glare when placing it at the place where the child is sitting, and unknown writing on the board, as it were hazy (traces of chalk from previous entries), the child naturally have problems withvision.Since the word on the board is very important to him, he begins, for example, mowing, straining his eyes in such a way to supposedly better view.

The greater the effort he makes, the less he sees.No wonder that an inexperienced child falls into this trap, after all, much more wise adults do not get out of it!Eventually he begins to exert more effort, and the case ends up, it becomes a "bespectacled".

Add to this the fact that the child is locked up for hours every day in the four walls under the supervision of teachers, who are often nervous and irritable.In such circumstances, a child forced to work, while its force all the time to sit in the same position, without interruption and without talking.Do not forget that the nervous tension, which is a manifestation of bad eyesight, can cause a similar condition in the surrounding.This is especially true for children, dealing with the teacher wearing glasses.

not uncommon and that the things that he needs to learn, can be presented very interesting.In general, I must say, the whole process of learning in the school or institute is designed so that children and young people have to constantly think more about getting good grades rather than to acquire knowledge for himself.What psychological factors spoil the vision!And not have to wonder what vision the child is spoiled, and the fact that he did not become blind and stupid.

Some children tolerate these unnatural conditions are better than others, but many can not resist the voltage, and it is natural.Thus, schools become breeding grounds not only of myopia and other refractive errors, but also strabismus.There is no doubt, however, that most of the children, when they are just beginning to go to school, free from these types of visual impairment and that the frequency and extent of these violations invariably increase as the continuation of the educational process.So, after the fifth or sixth grade the percentage of children wearing glasses, increases significantly.In high school, most of the standouts wear glasses, and the institute wearing them becomes almost the rule.

This downright terrifying the public attitude to this problem.It is believed that if a child wears glasses, it means that he is "smart".Wearing glasses is becoming a prestigious!Parents and teachers are proud to show photos, which look to the young bespectacled.And these adults are not able to understand that a child with glasses - this is a disaster, an anomaly that a person with a healthy taste and common sense, these images make the same impression as if the children depicted there were armless and legless and flaunted his crutchesand prostheses.The child, who had put on glasses - is a reproach to the ignorance and brutality of adults.

Thus, the effort of looking at the school there for enforcement training, burdened by mental strain, and gazing - due to the voltage required for seeing writing on the whiteboard.Many adults say that they have power first appeared in the school due to the chalkboard.However, these boards are all still considered an essential element of the educational process of the school.At one time we tried to facilitate this process, using light green and yellow chalk board.This, however, degrades the contrast compared to that gives chalk white on a black background, and further leads to eye strain because of their work, as we said, is based on the contrast.

again recall a very important principle: person can not see anything perfect vision if not seen this object before. When the eye looks at an unfamiliar object, it is always more or less strained to see him.At the same time there are always errors of refraction.When the child looks at the unfamiliar labels or geometric shapes on the board, remote geographical maps, diagrams or drawings, retinoscope always shows that it becomes myopic, although his eyesight in other circumstances it may be absolutely normal.The same occurs in adults when placing a remote unknown object.When the eye looks at a familiar object, the effect is quite different.Possible not only to see it without tension, but also subsequently reduces the force applied when viewing unfamiliar objects.The last remark is extremely important because it is the key to the whole process of recovery.

So, what can parents do to protect the eyesight of their children enrolled in school?Practically the only thing you can do in this situation - is to teach children to relax your eyes and keep it relaxed even under the pressure of mental stress.To achieve this is not easy, but it is possible, and the results deserve to be done in this direction necessary steps.Parents should be after school to give children the lessons of relaxation, in order to compensate for the daily stress to which their children are exposed to.It will remain the responsibility of the parents to the time when the children will be taught relaxation techniques at the school.