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August 12, 2017 17:50 | Healthy Lifestyle

emotional sphere of man - one of the mysteries of nature.All the negative impact of the environment have an impact on the body in the complex, but still the main cause of "diseases of civilization" - various emotional changes that occur in humans as a result of stress - the action of nerve overvoltage emergency (extreme) stimuli or circumstances.Stress can disrupt not only the mind but also the internal organs.

on the emotional state of a person is influenced by many factors.After all, to the emotional centers, which are located in the brain, how come the impulses from the outside (through the senses) and the inside (from various internal organs).So can spoil the mood and poor sleep and poor performance of the stomach, and tasteless breakfast and torn stockings ... In a word, to spoil the mood easily.

neuro-emotional stress deprive peace, joy, and eventually lead to the development of neuroses.In neurosis deteriorating management functions of the body.For example, disrupted the activities of the cardio

vascular system and even with a small physical exercise a person feels pain in the heart.

Persons suffering from neurosis, often complain of headaches, insomnia, fatigue, weakness, discomfort in the internal organs.They are irritable, absent-minded, resentful, unhappy with themselves, insecure.The best prevention of neurotic states are correct organization of labor, leisure, exercise, auditory training, tempering procedures.It is also important to learn how to "train" their emotions, favorably on the people to extinguish conflicts, not to attach importance to small missteps of others, and to examine critically their own.Adaptation (adaptive) ability of the organism are great, so small deviations arising from the activities of its systems under stress, legkoobratimy.But if the tension lasts a long time, then develop diseases such as hypertension, stomach ulcers, diabetes, and others prevention of these diseases is necessary to begin with the appearance of their predecessors -. Neuroses.

root cause of the neuroses, as we know, often enclosed in stressful situations at work and at home.And their is something to avoid?We often think we are not to blame in these situations, and we can not prevent them.But this is not the case.Many things, and sometimes it all depends on us.

Creating a good mood, perhaps the most effective measure of prevention nevroznyh diseases.According to the observation of doctors, people are optimistic temperament and get sick less often, and the disease is easier for them.Therefore, more and more often the question is raised about the use of laughter to enhance human health and treat disease.There was even a term "laughter therapy".

perfect way to create a good mood - to engage in any physical activity, which, in the words of IPPavlov, gives "muscle joy".In the mood also operate state of the weather, the color of surrounding objects (green, blue - calm, red - ons), music (quiet melodic - calms stormy - raises the tone), nature (particularly recommended for hiking and walking), theatrical performances, paintings, booksetc.(There is even a term - "estetoterapiya" - beauty treatment).

To maintain a good mood and well-being, it is also useful to learn in time to switch from one activity to another, especially when the other activities associated with your hobby - a hobby.It will distract you, soothe, improve mood.When you switch to the cerebral cortex, a new focus of excitation, which, as it dampens inhibits old, which caused fatigue or negative arousal.

Renowned psychotherapist AB.Alekseev over the years of its activity has accumulated vast experience in the development of methods to overcome stressful situations.Although the principles of this method were prepared for the athletes, they are useful for anyone who has got in a stressful situation. pull yourself together -

first principle! This means - to know how completely included in the deal, which will start, and so completely to an outsider in the mind just is not perpetuated.Only under this condition, all the strength and mental, physical and fully concentrate on the task at hand.

Unfortunately, the ability to fully focus have not ver.Moreover, it is much more common people, which is very difficult to concentrate on something.What to do?Coaching this feature focus regularly on a daily basis for several minutes, 5-10 times.The easiest way to have recourse to hours, "tie" look to the second hand and try not to be distracted on anything extraneous, until it will not run a full circle.If distracted, try again and so on until the fair will not be able to say to himself: "Focused on one thing for a minute."Exercise is helpful in every free minute.

The second principle - is turned off! This ability to back the previous one, it is also based on a high concentration of attention, but all those thoughts that are associated with the release of tension with relaxation.Off, we stop wasting energy, and above all the most expensive - nervous.Those who one day, and then for 2-3 days before the event responsible only thinks about it, the overly excited, but "burns" itself.To business he will start devastated.If the nervous excitement must be removed quickly, in just a few minutes, it is advisable to do a few deep knee bends with an artificially elongated breath at the time of sinking, slowly like, moving slowly and flourish relaxed hands, feet, neck, whole body.Breaths in this should be short and not very deep, and exhale - slowly and very complete.

should think about something related to relaxation at this time.You can visualize, for example, lying on a clean sandy beach under the warm rays of the sun.However, since the voltage switch, only those will be able to calm, someone will develop the ability to high concentration of attention.

The third principle - not be angry! Observations show that there are many people who, after a failure or trouble starting to get angry, and, as a rule, not on himself, but on others.However, anger is most often - unfavorable emotion, even harmful.Angry, we can not help concentrate attention not on the reasons for, and consequences of failure, lose the ability to common reasoning and can not quickly overcome the obstacles that have generated a sense of anger.All this manifests the brighter, the more we get angry.

fourth principle - any interference problems for any failure answer only the mobilization of all its forces.I mobilize quickly and very! is easy to see that the rule is closely related to the previous one.The first reaction to interference from so many causes feelings of anger.But, as has been said, this emotion does harm.Therefore it is very important to cultivate the ability to respond to any problem is not anger, and mobilization of forces to overcome difficulties.The ability to respond to disturbances, trouble, failure, sudden difficulty rapid mobilization of all forces should be brought to automaticity, so do not think twice in future also be included in the second active overcoming of the interference.The rule given here as the fourth, it is necessary, perhaps, be considered as one of the most important laws in sports and in life.

fifth principle - Heap at the end! This rule is well known in all speed sports: without the ability to dramatically accelerate the finish is difficult to expect to win.It is in those moments when a man, ending the matter, said that all the difficulties are over, you may experience failures.Explains similar and very annoying failure is simple: during the execution of a particular case the energy expended, which leads to a gradual and often subjectively not

clearly noticeably fatigue.Primarily tired nervous system and the position of losing such an important mental process, as attention.And when it weakens, deteriorating control over the precision of movement - hence the error.Finish the job, is not only possible but also necessary to perform a second rule: off.Those who allow themselves at least a little, at least for a moment, even for a moment until the end of the event to relax, can fail.

Before any, let alone responsible work is recommended to look at ourselves from the point of view of the above five rules.And if somewhere has found a weakness, it is necessary to take all measures for its elimination.In some cases, it takes several days or weeks, in others (eg, for learning the first or fourth rule) - it is necessary to improve themselves throughout their lives.But the game is worth the candle!