Personal hygiene

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Healthy Lifestyle

Personal Care - a broad concept, which includes the implementation of the rules, which contribute to the preservation and strengthening of health.The priority is to respect the purity of the body.During the week of human sebaceous glands secrete approximately 200 grams of sebum and sweat glands - from 3 to 7 liters of sweat.Therefore, the skin should be timely and regularly washed, otherwise violated its protective properties and relation of microorganisms which normally inhabit the skin;the conditions for the breeding of alien bacteria, parasitic fungi.

particularly susceptible to contamination of exposed areas.Studies indicate that, when applied to a clean, pre-washed skin of the hands of the number of bacterial cultures after 10 minutes is reduced by 85%.Pure human skin has antibacterial properties and is able to kill microorganisms.Dirty skin loses much of these properties.Especially a lot of bacteria and harmful microorganisms found under the nails, so it is very important systematic and proper nai

l care.Nails should be cut short and clean.

main means to cleanse the skin is soap and water.The skin should be washed toilet soap, is better to use soft water.The skin can be dry, oily or normal.Everyone should know the features of their skin and take this into account when caring for her.It is advisable to take a shower every day (after work or before going to bed).The water temperature should not exceed 37-38 ° C.To wash in the bath or in the bath with soap and washcloths must be at least once a week.After washing, be sure to change underwear, otherwise you re-contaminate the skin.When washing, especially with the use of wool, leather massaged that improves blood circulation and overall well-being of man.

Feet should be washed daily with soap and cool water.When excessive sweating cold water reduces the separation of sweat.It should be carefully monitored for the safety of the skin of feet.Scrapes or abrasions on your feet can easily cause fungal or pustular disease.When calluses need to be properly removed.

better to wash hair in soft water;if the water is hard, then it is necessary to add borax or baking soda (1 teaspoon per 5 liters of water).Oily hair should be washed once a week 1, dry and normal - 1 every 10 days.The most favorable for the hair washing water temperature is 50-55 ° C. It should not be a bar of soap to lather hair that injures them.It is better to prepare a lather.To preserve the color of hair, giving them shine and elasticity after washing may be rinsed their strong infusion of chamomile and dark hair - water containing vinegar (1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water).

Do not wash your hair and alkaline soap.Dry hair is better to wash superfatted soaps (spermaceti, lanolin, cosmetic).You can use egg yolk, separating it from the protein and whipping in warm water prepared for washing.To increase fat dry hair for a few hours before washing can be lubricated with warm vegetable oil.To wash the hair used rye bread: 100-150 g stale rye bread finely crumble and pour boiling water, the resulting grain gruel wash the head.Oily hair can be cleaned with any mild soap.For 2-3 hours to wash greasy hair is good to rub into the scalp aloe juice, carrots, onions, or crimson, biokrin.Dry the hair gently wiping them with a towel.Use a hair dryer for this is impractical because it leads to excessive overdrying.

Another important aspect of personal hygiene is oral care.Contents clean teeth not only helps to preserve their integrity, but also prevents many diseases of internal organs.Clean your teeth need every day in the morning and rinse your mouth - after each meal.When bad breath, seek medical attention.For early detection of dental caries, removal of tartar and gum treatment should be at least 2 times a year visit the dentist.

Personal Care includes the cleanliness of underwear, work clothes, daily change of socks (stockings), especially when excessive sweating.Preserving the purity of body and clothes is unthinkable without purity in the living room, the kitchen and production facilities.Each member of the family, it is desirable to have a separate bed, his towel;change of bed linen should be held back to visit Bath.It is recommended to change the daytime underwear on her nightgown bedtime (pajamas).

All of these sanitary measures necessary on a daily basis, are particularly important in cases where the family someone falls ill, since failure to comply with hygiene requirements may adversely affect the health and working ability of persons surrounding the patient, especially children.

Hygiene woman. By adolescence girl should already be fully aware of the rules of hygiene and to acquire the skills of care of itself.The girl should be prepared for the appearance of menses.In the absence of such training appearance of menstruation in girls nervous excitability may cause trauma.During menstruation, the sexual organs are more susceptible to infection due to a certain decrease in the body's defenses.Therefore, in those days, especially important to maintain the purity of body and clothes.In the normal course of menstruation should not be changed occupations and lifestyles.Physical education classes are permitted, but should refrain from heavy exercise.

is important to beware of cooling the body, especially the legs and lower abdomen.Wash better than the shower.You can take a bath, but the water is at the same time should not be too hot.At least 2 times a day you need to wash the vulva with warm boiled water and soap, after thoroughly washing their hands.First, wash the vulva, then - the skin of the thighs and in the last instance - the anus area.When menstruation is recommended to use special hygienic packages.

basis hygiene adult women make the same rules.Since the beginning of sexual activity increases the role of hygienic measures.It should refrain from sexual intercourse during menstruation days, that in the genital tract infection pathogens were not and did not have bleeding;for the same reason during this period shall be prohibited vaginal douching.

recommended regular, 2 times a year, a visit to the gynecologist, and the appearance of even a small discharge from the genitals should immediately see a doctor.

Hygiene men.

boy should know of the possibility of his involuntary ejaculation (wet dreams);it is necessary to explain that this is a normal manifestation of puberty.

Genitals boys and men should be kept clean.They should be washed daily with warm water and soap;in this case it is necessary to disclose the preputial sac, iemove the foreskin from the glans penis and flush fat-like substance accumulates there.Sometimes the foreskin is narrow and does not allow bare head, in such cases it is necessary to address to the urologist.After pollutions or sexual intercourse is also recommended to wash the genitals with warm water.

In old age in both sexes observance of rules of personal hygiene of particular importance.Obschegigienicheskih activities, good nutrition, leisure, exercise stimulates the compensatory processes of aging of the organism, increases resistance to disease.Always seek the advice of a doctor, because exercise and diet must be appropriate to the age and state of health.