Shower , bath and pouring Make body work

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

principle of burning fat is very simple: sluggish cells of the body it is important to encourage them to start in the right amount of processing fat into energy.

fuel for the cells is glucose, the smallest unit of carbohydrates.When the exhausted stocks of sugar, races

creation in the blood of billions of tiny "little motor" in the cells (especially muscle) taken as fat reserves.

Hardly cold or even icy stream of water in the shower is a special pleasure.

But everyone knows that it refreshes, awakens, helps to concentrate.After a shower, you are actively razotret body with a towel and feel amazing freshness.


When you feel special and fresh burst of energy?When jump out from under the cold shower.This is a sure sign that it is during the cold body begins to run at full speed.Use this mechanism to achieve the desired goal - a slim figure.

cold shower - is stressful for the body, resulting in narrowed blood vessels and metabolism in the cells is enhanced significantly.This increases the

efficiency, which requires a considerable amount of energy.

First glucose is burned, it immediately released energy nourishes brain cells and the nervous system, awakens them.

And the rest of the body's cells are powered by such a fast-burning fuel.


Water procedures not only promote blood circulation, but also significantly improve mood.When addiction to depression shower will help to effectively achieve tranquility.

metabolism is activated after a rapid cleavage of glycogen, glucose reserves in the liver, muscle and blood, the body is prepared for the production of energy from fat molecules.

However, if you do not eat, then all efforts are futile: fat on the abdomen and buttocks will remain untouched.As a result, when the lot is processed glucose into energy comes fatigue, drowsiness, apathy.

Deadly combination of salty and fatty foods, sweets and sweet drinks will negate any attempt to get rid of body fat.Then stand under a cold shower is meaningless.

prerequisite for consistent and successful weight loss is a combination of many factors:

foods with a high content of fluid movement, sports activity Rest and relaxation.

If even take an invigorating cold shower or conduct pouring, it will inevitably become more stimulation of metabolism.If a person suffering from the extra kilos, will maintain a reasonable lifestyle and diet to comply with the necessary conditions, water treatment will be a great help and will help achieve the ideal weight faster.

Of course, this statement is very interesting modern scientists.In addition, it will seem quite convincing, if you know the causes of this phenomenon.

When a person sweats, the sweat actually loses only.But when it is cold, the body starts to produce more heat to protect against low temperatures.This process is called thermogenic Zoom requires a considerable amount of energy.Contained in the blood sugar quickly burned mitochondria (tiny ovens cells).If the cold continues to advance, the energy engines of the body absorb more fuel - fat molecules of fat on the abdomen and thighs.

But in the short and shock caused by cold or frost, causes spontaneous thermogenesis.Therefore, a cold shower, douche and bath (cold or contrasting) accelerate the process of losing weight.