Accelerate fat burning during the cold

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

cold stimuli act on the body through the skin, the total area of ​​which the adult is 2-2.5 per square meter.Information about the contrasts of temperatures that are felt skin, nerve endings is recorded and transmitted to the brain.Then follows a hormonal response.In the heat and the cold body reacts differently.


is crucial balance that is necessary in life.Remember, being protected from stress, your body will grow into new fat deposits.

Plants are more sensitive to different temperature conditions than men.Their hormonal system responds even to changes in temperature of 0.01 degrees, and the plant can adapt to new conditions.

in humans is the ability to adapt genetically laid.Cold stimuli through the skin serves impetus to vitality and momentum to losing weight.

This pulse is sent from the cell nucleus in its vodosoder-taining the internal space (called the cytosol), where the glucose and fat are processed in the energy metabolism and ignites.

Water - is a unique tool that promotes al

ternation effects on the skin warm and cold stimuli.Even a short cold douche enough to the body to synthesize billions of stress hormones, strengthens the immune system.As a result, the body is rejuvenated.Relax

useful because the cells dormant open pores.Then they water and nutrients can flow unimpeded.

vessels dilate, heart rate and brain activity slows down, heart rate decreases.

vessels dilate, blood pressure falls, you will calm down and fall asleep.

Ice jet shower, touching the skin, almost immediately leads to a narrowing of blood vessels, increase blood pressure, heart palpitations and accelerate metabolic processes of the brain.Overvoltage vessel walls for a short time is saved, so people feel fresh and active mentally and physically.

At the same time closing the pores of cells, blocking access to any substances from outside the cell and forced to do their own internal reserves.Metabolism in them is activated, it begins to burn glucose and fat cells from the body takes almost all that they have accumulated.

While continuing stress caused by cold, the activities of the gastrointestinal tract is strongly inhibited.But this effect is short-lived: soon after a shower with a towel and rubbing an appetite.

good appetite suggests that metabolism has earned at full speed, and the demand for energy has increased.It is time to treat yourself to fruit.