sun Treatment

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Yoga For The Eyes

When a person realizes that Sun supports healthy eyes in good condition and strengthens weak, increasing metabolism in them, purifying them in a manner of toxins, it can hardly overestimate the usefulness of the eyes to sunlight.

Remember that the eyes - a body established for the perception of light.Your eyes need light to see, and they see the best in good light.Thus the weaker eye, especially in the more light it needs.But weak eyes, despite the fact that they need bright light often can not use it.

Strengthening retinal nerves with the help of sunlight will allow them to work in low and under strong light.The positive effect of sunlight on the eyes manifested in the fact that it significantly increases blood circulation in the body saturated with blood vessels.So use every opportunity to frame your eyes to the sun.

Doctors always amazed perfectly healthy pinkness well solyarizovannoy retina, in contrast to the usual pale eyes suffering from a lack of sunlight.The sun's rays give the unique beauty

of the eyes, the eyes become bright, lively, attractive.Nothing else can replace sunlight.But the sun gives your eyes, in addition to beauty, and even force.

Good solyarizovannye eyes not only to shine and shine, but never tear, are not covered by the blood vessels, their albuginea clean.

People who wear bifocals, often say that they are in sunlight can read a newspaper, while even read large print under artificial light - an impossible task for them.With the strengthening of the eye need bright light decreases, but even healthy eyes, who have to do the work at close range in low light, gradually tired, and their growing power.Therefore, whatever your visual work or upcoming, take care of the eyes, keep them strong, directional light while performing heavy work, not scattered, reflected or painted.If, as is often the case, you can not adjust the lighting fit you properly, then ask for forgiveness from their eyes, and compensate their stress by giving them as much health-improving, soothing, relaxing sunlight as you can.

accustomed to the bright light of the sun, allowing its rays fall on your closed eyelids.To exclude the possibility of tension, it would be good to turn his head slightly from side to side.When you get used to the bright light, lift the upper eyelid of one eye and look down, so that the sun shone on the sclera.Morgan, if there was such a desire, or when you feel that the degree of relaxation is reduced.How to treat eye or sun, it will never get too much of it.

If your eyes feel light-hungry and you wore dark glasses, as is often advised to do to people with low vision, you have to be extremely careful, re-accustom his eyes to the brightness of the light.Eyes that are too sensitive to sunlight, similar to greenhouse plants.They are not exposed to any sun or air, especially when a person wears dark glasses.Such eyes should be accustomed to the bright light gradually.When the eyes recoil in horror at the sudden and vivid, unusual to them sunlight, cause of pain in these cases is not the brightness of the light itself, and something like a shock, which a person experiences a sudden change in light intensity.In this situation, you need to soothe and relax the eyes to light.

Remember: sunglasses are harmful because they are starved eyes of hunger, which is why the light is not enough, then they should get it in plenty to function well.Therefore fueled his eyes sunlight, and they learn to feel good in any light.

first time, please solarization, taking sunlight only on closed eyelids.If you do it every day, at every opportunity, it will take not much time when your eyes will simply require the brightest sunlight, getting pleasure from it.

Immediately after each solarization do oladonivanie (immersion in black), for which you must go twice as long than to solarization.Stop solarization, as soon as you feel any discomfort.Remember the rule: little and often;it is - the key to a lot of yoga.

Some people, when they first take off points is "spectacled eyes."But as the improvement and development of eye eyeballs back into place in the orbit of the eye of advancing forward.

Sun normalizes watering and give shine squirrel eye and the cornea, at the same time making it more vibrant color and iris.Good solyarizovannye eyes are beautiful.Persuade your friends and do these exercises.

Sometimes people ask: Is it possible to do solarization through window glass?Why not?Brightness - this is what gives the rest and strengthen your eyes.Glass is not in this case any obstacle to success.

German ophthalmologist G. Mayer-Shvikert pointed out that patients with serious diseases of view could help the fact that they began to look with open eyes in the sun at the time of its decline.For many years, the Bates method defends the need to use sunlight to enhance any eye, whether they are healthy or sick.The practical implementation of his theory yielded remarkable results.For our part, we say that looking at the sun when it is sunrise and sunset - the favorite Yogi reception, serving to maintain healthy vision.It will be said.

Recommendations for the use of the sun as a remedy for the eyes can be found in many ancient Indian medical treatises.There are references to the healing properties of sunlight and religious writings.So, in Caksu Devata sun god is called the eye.Incidentally, in the Bible there are the words: "to see the sun light is sweet, and pleasing to the eye."