Lose weight while taking a bath

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Is a beautiful dream come true?Just lie down in a nice bath and at the same time to reduce your weight?Yes, it is indeed possible.But first, we have to take some important decisions:

Select the water temperature (hot or cold?)

Set type of temperature change (increase or decrease?)

complete each bath a cold shower.

If the dried flowers of plants to put in the extra virgin olive oil, you get the essence of homemade bath.It is best in this case to stop the choice on the mother-and-stepmother, chamomile or rose.

Balneotherapy - treatment with baths and water treatments - helps to get rid of the extra kilos.On the breakdown of fat following factors:

when taken warm or hot bath vessels dilate, resulting in improved blood flow to the tissues, hence the body's metabolism is activated

also activates the heart.That's the heart muscle is the "engine" to burn fat.Because connective tissue, and other tissues and organs consume significantly less energy than muscle Healthy, properly supplied with blood and

nutrients to the heart burns not only fatty acids, dissolved in the blood, but also "sucks" triglycerides from fat warm bath temperature of up to 30degrees helps digestion.If food is rich in fiber and is

etsya mostly vegetarian, so bath invariably lead to a powerful flow of the protein in the tissue.Now the 70 billion cells in our body are armed and ready to carry out a more active metabolism.


Health and harmony using the bath?This is not a fairy tale, it is a reality.Be tempted variety of water treatments.

This bath is always to finish a cold shower.He instantly constricts blood vessels.Now the cells obtained from the nutrients begin to produce life-giving protein - protein molecules that speed up the flow of metabolic processes in the body.

And now strongly rub your body with a towel and heat get dressed.Very soon you will wake up a healthy hunger.It makes no sense to delay.

Important to understand the tips and advice given in the book, so as not to cause potential harm to your health.