excess body weight Treatment of folk remedies and methods

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

obesity development - the deposition of excess fat in the subcutaneous tissue basically have two causes - physical inactivity and poor nutrition.

Excess weight is the initial form of the body obesity.Where does the extra weight?What is the reason?

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, about a quarter of the world's population has a weight in excess of the normal 20%.Obesity in our time is becoming increasingly important and becomes a threat to human life.In total some 100-200 years ago, our ancestors are deeply mistaken, considering the completeness of a sign of health.Nowadays there are new evaluation criteria, and we began to realize that to gain weight - it means to grow old.People with overweight interferes with the normal activity of the cardiovascular system, more likely to develop atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension and diseases of the joints.Overweight, wearing heart shortens a person's life by 15-20 years.Children suffering from this deficiency, usually quickly get ti

red, inattentive in class, almost always lag behind in their studies.They suffer from headaches, malaise, violations in the activity of the musculoskeletal system.The nature of these children are usually unstable and malleable, they can not achieve goals in life adrift.With age, children begin to understand their difference from others and feel a sense of inferiority.They are capricious and tearfulness, with inferior mentality.

Body weight is a relative measure of the physical development of the person and depends on the body type, and by sex and age.Everyone needs to know the rate of their weight and strive to comply with it.The most accessible method to determine normal weight is the following: take away from the value of its growth figure of 100, you will get your optimal weight.If your weight exceeds the rate of 7%, it is already overweight and need to get rid of it.If your weight exceeds the norm by 25-30% - this is obesity.

There are two forms of overweight.When the primary form of fat accumulation in the body is not associated with any disease, and is the result of external influences.This so-called "obesity of laziness", which affects up to 70% of obese people.

secondary form of disorders of lipid metabolism occurs much less frequently and mainly associated with endocrine disorders.But in this form takes place is usually excessive food intake.

in the development of excess body weight leading factor is the imbalance caused by excessive caloric intake and lack of physical activity, so in order to prevent the accumulation of body fat a person has to take into account energy consumption and its dietary intake.Self-control is easiest to implement using checkweighing, which should be done at least once a week (athletes

weighed daily) and with increasing body weight immediately take measures to stop this increase.In this case, either umenypit reception energy-intensive food, or increase energy expenditure, that is to balance these processes.

in the development of obesity have a certain value, and hereditary factors.But if one adheres to the standards in nutrition, even if such a predisposition he can avoid obesity.We must remember that with age, when a person's energy consumption decreases and slows metabolism starts to grow body weight.Therefore, and in old age it is impossible to avoid physical labor, morning gymnastics, running and other sports activities.

Most often excessive accumulation of body weight is due to random power, in violation of the rhythm of the meal, when the bulk of nutrients enters the body in the evening or even at night.

most rational is a 4-course meal with the following distribution of the daily diet:

1st breakfast - 30% of daily calories;

2nd breakfast -15%;

dinner - 30-35%;

dinner - 15-20%.

last meal should be no earlier than 2-3 hours before a night's sleep.Before going to sleep can be very helpful to drink a glass of kefir or yogurt (s people suffering from constipation, and elderly people in the yogurt is desirable to add a tablespoon of sunflower oil).