Obesity Treatment folk remedies and methods

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

obesity - excess fat deposition in the body.Currently, an increasing number of people suffering from this disease every year.

Obesity occurs more often in women (1.5-2 times) than that of men.In Russia, 40% of the population are overweight.The term "obesity" is usually denoted by a condition where a person's weight by 10% exceeds the norm.If this percentage is 20-30, then talk about obesity.

Why do we get better?The short answer is because they do not comply with caloric balance of our body.This means that we consume more calories than required by the body for its energy consumption.Unclaimed nutrients remain under the skin and in internal organs as fat.When sedentary lifestyle and overeating constant supply of this increasingly growing.Body weight increases.According to scientists, obesity caused by overeating, is about 95% of all cases of significant weight gain.Eating, we do not think about the fact that a few extra pieces of bread and sugar intake above normal after some time turn into kilograms of

excess weight.We -lakomki.We love ourselves and not be taught to eat properly.And this leads to the fact that we can not deny myself the pleasure to seize the extra piece, without thinking about the consequences.Even patients who are treated in hospitals for obesity, backed by stealth.But they deceive physicians, and your body can not be fooled.It takes into account every gram, every extra calorie and respond to it accordingly.Having passed the course of treatment and to lose weight, the person feels rejuvenated and got stronger, but passes a short time, and everything is back to square one because of weak will and laziness.

percentage of fat people in rural areas generally have always been small, because the rural work linked to physical overload.But now, due to the mechanization of agriculture, it has increased dramatically.We get fat because both are fed at 40 as well as in youth, but at age 40 spend much less energy than 20. This leads to overeating masked irreversible weight gain.

caloric balance in the body is disrupted for yet another reason.We move a little!We do not go in for sports, gymnastics abandoned.We are afraid once again take a walk.So we get fat, but at the same time and lose health.

All of the above applies to both men and women, both girls and boys.The fact that obesity is the cause of many diseases, they know everything.Sclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, liver disease and pancreatic cancer - all of these are the result of our acquisition of disorderly attitudes to nutrition.According to statistics, if a person weighing more than the normal 20% of its life shortened by 10 years.

heart muscle, feeding excess layers of fat in our bodies wear out quickly.Hence obese -uchaschennoe palpitations, shortness of breath, swelling of the legs, premature heart attacks.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system are also adverse consequences of obesity.The first to suffer spine, limb joints.Obese people often have varicose veins, pain in the knees, lower back, hip joints.

This congestion results caused by being overweight.

obesity treatment - not an easy task.To get rid of the fat layers Lipsheim, nakaplivayuischhsya years, it is necessary to put a lot of effort and work.People are looking for a quick cure, miracle recipe.But this recipe does not exist.Treatment should start with getting rid of ingrained habits, and this requires willpower and perseverance.

«Obesity is not treated, it warned - so the doctors say.This disease is becoming more common and formidable, and her treatment - one of the ways that lead to longevity.